Monday, July 13, 2015

My last email as a missionary...July 13 2015

Well this is my last email as a missionary... que triste... but we all knew this was coming. 

I truly love missionary work.

I love my Savior Jesus Christ.

I know He lives.

I know we are God's children.

I know that prayer is powerful.. and true.

We dont understand all that God knows (isaiah 55:8-9) but if we trust Him.. do what hes asked.. everything will be alright.. in fact it will be better than if we had not listened.

Obedience really is a heavenly rule.

Theres a quote i like that goes

we obey not because were blind, but because we can see.

When we understand that obedience brings blessings... and that exact obedience brings miracles our worlds change completely. 

Heavenly Father has given us commandments to help, protect and to bless us... not to hinder us.

He loves us so much. I just think of the love I have for my family and for the people here... and the love my family has for me... and trying to imagine Gods love for us... wow. its big,. But I testify He is our heavenly father and lovesss us oh he loves us... he sent his only begotten son to suffer and die for us.

Jesus Christ is the perfect example of obedience... He always did the will of his father. He understood that when we do Heavenly Fathers will He makes much more out of our lives than we ever could.. we will pass through hard times but those great times are truly so much sweeter. 

I love you all.

I know that these things are true without a doubt.

In the name of Jesus Christ,


con amor

Hermana Hildman

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Well this is it - July 6th 2015

So this week was kinda of busy.

Monday I went to Ocoa...that was a long trip. 

Tuesday... i dont remember 

Wednesday we had hermanas conference in Bani. 

Jueves i taught my last english class! yay... ha

Friday we went out with the MTC... that was an adventure. Ill tell more about that later.

Saturday was 4th of July and we had district meeting and went and ate american food. Wendys and pizza to celebrate it.

Sunday our investigator Felix came to church. This is his 3rd time. Im really excited to see how he progresses. The only bummer is that he doesnt live in our area... he just works and basically lives in our area so we will have to refer him to the other missionaries. He has a baptism date for August. Victor, a less active came to church and he stayed the whole time! and--- shared his testimony in the pulpit. I felt very happy. 

Wednesday... i unfortunately forgot to bring my camera so i will have to wait and have pics forwarded to me... however it was wonderful. I spent a lot of time with Hermana Larson, Beukers, Angeles and Alas. It was so fun to see my wonderful family that I have made in the mission. I will miss these dear sisters but I am thankful that I have gotten to know them. We had a lot of activities. I shared my testimony, which i wasnt expecting Id be doing. I hope they could understand through my tears.. ha

Friday like all of our set visits fell. So we had some like random visits that were super interesting. We have a... well shes not really an investigator. A lady that lives in our area thats really a character. She has dreds and supposedly speaks like 5 languages... however I cannot understand her english. Anyway we shared with her and afterwards she brought out this coconut desert with glasses of water... but it seemed kinda sketch. However, it would have been really rude to reject it so we bucked it up and ate it. We didnt get sick... so our prayers were answered.

Today we played basketball again but Hermana Paul didnt feel like we played as good as we did last time. Plus it was super hot. I literally had sweat dripping in my eyes... and my oh my does that sting. However it was fun to play. It also began to pourrrr so bad like 3 hours ago. I called the colmado to deliver eggs and he did before it began to pour but then he couldtn leave so we gave him a chair to sit in. however outside it began to flood... the poor guy so i started to sweep the water away. Then it cleared up some so he left and i was sweeping and totally got the backside of the poor guy with water... i felt so bad... poor guy. i hope he forgives me, it was really an accident.

Anyway... this week is going to be full of hard work and sweat in this summer DR heat. 

I love you all!

I know that Christ lives and loves each one of us! 

Never lose faith He hears your prayers!!!


con muuuuuchisimo amor,

Hermana Hildman


Monday, June 29, 2015

Ocoa - June 29th 2015

Wow... I have 2 more weeks left. I cant even believe that. I am currently in Ocoa which was my first area. Its crazy how so many things change. I cant believe its been almost a year since ive been here in Ocoa. So many memories. I feel a little emotional to say the least. 


The mission cant end. I dont feel like I am going home, I just feel like Im going to be transferred to another area... but the other area will be my house. Ay mi madre. I really will miss the DR and being a missionary. Being a representative of Lord is not easy but it has been a wonderful blessing. To just talk to complete strangers about a message so so special, that truly is the answer to all the worlds questions. 

I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the solution and truly whats going to help the world from envy, pride, violence, etc. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life. 

This last week seems just like the others weeks to have escaped me and fly by. It was a good week though. We had 4 investigators in church yesterday! we now have 3 investigators with a baptism date! We now know of 3 new families were beginning to work with! 

Wow missionary work is awesome.

I love you all and unfortunately dont have much time because i have to head back to the capital and dont have the luxury to have a smart phone to have during the 2 hour gua gua ride to contintue... but i love you all and hope you have a great week!!!

con mucho amor, 

hermana Hildman

Monday, June 15, 2015

Pictures from la Ciudad Colonial en Santo Domingo June 8th 2015

A little information about their tourist day:
After Christopher Columbus's arrival on the island in 1492, Santo Domingo became the site of the first cathedral, hospital, customs house and university in the Americas. This colonial town, founded in 1498, was laid out on a grid pattern that became the model for almost all town planners in the New World.
Christopher Columbus

Painting of the last Judgement

Another view of outside of Cathedral

Inside the Cathedral

Juan Pablo Duarte (Abe Lincoln of the DR)

Outside of Cathedral

Intense ceiling with lots of symbolism

Hermana Hildman, Hermana Stanton, and Hermana Flores all started their missions together

Colonial DR

Living Testimony - June 15th 2015

Well this week went by fast. Holy smokes. Last tuesday i went to the Christofer Columbus park with those who are ending with me (those who are in the capital). It was really cool. A lot of walking in the heat but i learned a lot. I learned a lot about the catholic church too which was cool. Ive always been curious about the catholic religion and i found it very facisnating about all the symbolism they put in their church and cathedral construction. 

 This week was good. We are getting to know a lot new people and finding new investigators. Our 7th day adventist investigator Jose came to church yesterday. He liked it all except for one talk about the sabbath day. A member stopped by him and took him to church. Hes in Alma with his book of mormon reading. Slowly but surely were getting progression with him. Once he receives his own testimony he will be SOLID.

We also have a new person we just met a couple days ago named Antonio. We met him off the street and invited him to church. He said he would go. and he actually did come.. like he said he would. what?? He really liked it and we invited him to the movie activity at 6 later that evening and he came to that too. He really liked the church and wants to come back. So cool!!! This is why we talk to everyone... 

So before i send this off I want to share with you something that really touched me.

 Saturday we had planned on having a zone meeting in the morning but friday night at like 11pm they called us to tell us it was canceled. So the next morning we didnt have any plans secure. So we made some plans but all those plans fell. We were walking and I was like hey Miguelina lives over here we should go visit her. Shes an active member but shes a little physically disabled. I thought we could possible serve her. We get there and it was as if she was waiting for us. 

 I had never visited her before and she let us in and just showed us around and shared all these pictures and what not. We shared a message with her. She really is a woman of great faith. She has suffered 3 strokes so it is hard for her to speak. She said she couldnt walk nor speak like 5 months ago. She still has trouble speaking but she can walk and write. She is a walking miracle. She showed us she practices her writing by writing scriptures and she said she is currently in Moroni, the last book in the book of mormon. She really is an active a member and super sweet... but towards the end she kind of broke down. She got frustrated with trying to speak. She just out of frustration said that all she desired was to be able to speak clear so she could share her testimony.

I thought... how many of us who CAN speak dont; dont open their mouths and share the gospel. share a short testimony of truth with those they love. 

 However, she may not be able to share her testimony with words... but she sure does share it with her actions. 

 I invite all of you to open your mouth and share your testimony with someone this week AND.... be a living testimony. Live that what you say and believe. 

 This is Christs church and it is worth all the struggle and strife we expereince in this life to be able to live as eternal families afterwards.

I love you all and hope you have a great week! Share your testimony. :) 

con amor,

hermana hildman 

Things taste sweeter when you've craved them - June 8th 2015

Well i unfortunately havent taken any pictures this week. 

Im sorry!

Youll have to just imagine my new companion until i can send a picture.
shes a tiny little pervuian next to a tall white girl ha. Shes really cute and is a good teacher. I love how she makes me people feel comfortable upon first meeting them and how much of a missionary she is. Shes so natural and unawkward ha. 
We are getting to know a lot of new people and its awesome. We share with everyone and anyone.
Well i had an hour to write you guys today but tomorrow is my pday. We who are ending the mission this transfer (or those in the capital at least) are going to the east mission tomorrow with president to visit the christofer columbus site. Im excited. i should hopefully have many pictures to send all of you next week. 
I just have one short little thought i want to share i learned this week.

So sunday was fast sunday and we were fasting. when it comes to taking the sacrament when we fast, we anticipate it more because we havent eaten in over 24 hours.. and then we take it we let it savor in our mouth... well at least i do. trying to soak it all up before having to take the water. 

I made an connection to the Atonement (the sacrifice) of Christ. Its a lot sweeter and means a lot more when we need it. When were struggling and need strength. Just how our bodies need strength from food so does our spirit. 

I know that this Christs church. I know He loves us and wants the best for us. He understands. 

(Alma 7:11~12)


I love you all



hermana hildman 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

This week was a long one...June 1 2015

So it was week 6 of the 6 weeks... and it felt a lot longer than 7 days. Whoof... 

We had Hermana Dibble and Martinezs birthdays, Hermana Alas and I had to go again to the migration and passport office... and were there from 7am to 3pm... that was a long day. Friday was Mothers days here and our ward had a fun activity for the moms. We brought 3 investigators with us. It was good.. it just started late so it ended late so we were pooped. 

speaking of investigators Johanna accepted a baptismal date for July 4th. Shes really awesome she just hasnt come to church yet because she has 2 little kids and a baby. However, this sunday were planning on stopping by and helping her. 

Jose are 7 day adventist is reading very quickly in the book of mormon hes in Mosiah. However, he hasnt been to church the last two sundays and hes just really reading reading reading and i dont think hes really meditating on the message. Hes very set on the sabbath day being saturday and its really hard to teach anything otherwise. It makes it difficult. We teach and the Spirit is there but then he brings up the sabbath day at the end and then hes completely close minded and the spirit leaves and contentions comes... i hate it. So well see how that goes. Were praying for him and that the spirit will help him understand and soften his heart. We keep telling him to pray and ask Heavenly Father but his thinking is that its unnecessarily because he recognizes that the book of mormon is scripture too.... so were working on that. Maybe my new companion can help.

Yupp, I am getting a new companion. Hermana Alas is off to San Juan and I am receiving Hermana Huaman whos from Peru. Im excited. Hermana Huaman is leaving Ocoa... the exact area where I was (where i first started) so she should be bringing updates on Carmen and will finally see her baptism pictures (and send them to all of you). Our house will have a new atmopshere as we are 6 and three are leaving. So well see how itll be. 

Im excited for my ward/area. We are trying really hard to work with the members and get to know more and leave with them more. I really have a great ward and I can see they are excited about missionary work its just getting them involved more. 

I really find it hard to believe i will be home in 6 weeks... thats really weird to me. I am excited but sad. 

This last week I was finishing up in Alma in the Book of Mormon with all the war chapters and I learned an interesting lesson I would like to share with you guys.

So the saints in these chapters were doing what they were supposed to be doing. They were keeping the commandments but the wars came and they had to prepare themselves for battle. They were doing everything right but had to stretch themselves a little more when the trials came...

 When times are harder... pray more, read the scriptures more, fast, reach out to others more... be active in your church callings... go to church. 

We are consistently preparing ourselves day by day. With prayer and scripture study.. just as soldiers are constantly prepared.. however just like when war strikes and resources are used we have to restock and work harder to have more strength. We'll receive some blows... but we know as we rely on Jesus Christ and follow His commandments... Heavenly Father will bless us.

I am learning more and more that life is just hard... period. and its just going to be harder. There are going to be things that I cant control and things I wont or wouldnt ever expect... but as we conistently do our part to prepare and rely on the Lord, everything will be okay. 

 Life here is short, what matters most is how we use are short time here so that we can enjoy that eternal amount of time after this life. 

 I love you all and I know that Heavenly Father loves you and is watching after you. Dont be discouraged through your fight through life. Go to the BASE and renew your supplies. Heavenly Father. Hes just waiting to bless and help you.


Have a wonderful week

con amor, 


Hermana Hildman