Monday, November 3, 2014

Family and Friends Nov 3rd

family and friends

a longer week but a good one. we received transfer calls saturday. my comp and i are staying together and im actually glad, ha. i love my comp and this area. hna beukers is getting hna chalas who will end her mission with my comp and i in july. hna searing is going home on wednesday which is so weird to me. i met her when i was in the mtc and she had 9 months.. and now I have 9 months. its weird to think that the mission actually ends... like, ill go home eventually ha.  the mission though never truly ends because every members a missionary. just the plaque on the outside comes off... the one in our heart stays.
9 months (silly Sis missionary jokes)
9 months on the mission (baby pineapple)

This is Gods work. It is true. the church is true even though its members are far from perfect. im trying my best. my spanish is far from perfect, my scirpture knowledge can use some improvement, im not always patient with myself or otehrs... but im trying my best and truly thats all we can do. to do what we can and rely on God for the rest. He is what makes us stronger. I love my Heavenly Father and I am thankful for the opportunity I have to serve Him and help bring others to Him through His gospel. 

Last week i mentioned a couple of women who are investigating the church. Today i want to tell you about another one. we know her by Melisa but her real name is Cassanta. She is 24 and is from Haiti. 

just a 5 second lesson about haiti. Its where the big earthquake was i believe in 2010. its connected to the DR (like the other side of the island). im told its poorer. they speak creol and french. Theyre usually very darkskinned (african descent). A lot of haitians live here in the DR. 

Anyway, so spanish is not melisas first language but her 3rd. so theres a little bit of language barrier but not a ton... just a little. we gave her pamplets in french and we are going over them with her with our spanish ones. i would love to say im picking up some french but im not really lol... only a few words. we have a member in our ward whos haitian and we want to visit melisa with her but shes about to have her baby so i dont know. melisa came to church yesterday and got to know the member a little. 

we walked to church with melisa. she was already and we actually got to church early... and especially early for Dominican standard time. Church was a little crazy especially since Oribelis (the choir director) wanted to practice our song before church and after the 1st hour before class. Sacrament meeting is the last hour for us. So we sang... I sang a solo. that was scary but cool. Melisa said she really liked church and we said she would like to be baptized! we told her were here to help with that. shes super cute. her birthday is in 2 weeks so were gonna try to do something for her. :) 

Also just yesterday we picked up another investigator. Her name is Lilian and her parents are long time members. They want us to teach her so she can be baptized. the thing is.. is she is deaf and mute. So its going to be interesting. she does know a lot though. we prayed and she folded her arms and closed her eyes. and she cant hear.. so she opened her eyes a little after we ended. were going to try to use pictures and teach her. the biggest help is gonna be her mom and.. The Spirit.  

Anyway, I love you guys! have a GREAT week! and keep smiling
How I actually wear it because it is so hot and humid here.

How I would like to wear my hair.


Hola!!! Oct 27th

Hey everyone! This week was good again and fast like usual. I love working in this area. I cant believe this transfer is almost over. Im curious to how its going to be this coming transfer. My companion and I are trying to do "the pulse" (a bunch of goals the mission has set) and really try to achieve the goals. this last week we were a little lower in some numbers but we got 10 lessons with a member this last week! that was our biggest focus. I know that the harder we work the more miracles we'll see. I love the Gospel and i love seeing it change peoples lives for good. Its hard, and it hurts when people dont accept it, but I still know its true.

Lifes good. Missions good. working hard like usual. We have two investigators with baptism dates. the one, Mariela, is like a profesional investigator and we in the beginning felt like dropping her because she didnt seem interested. Then, something switched. She really felt interested and started to keep her commitments. Reading, praying and came to church with her 3 little kids! we were like woah! shes wants to be baptized and were working with her to get baptized the 22nd of November. 

We also have another investigator named Abigail. We set the 29th of November for her. She is a reference of this family that was recently baptized. Shes super awesome. she already feels like a member but shes only been to church once. she said she loved it. she wasnt able to go this last sunday because her little boy was sick but shes been reading in the pamphlets weve given her and she wants to know if the church is true. 

im sorry i didnt have anything written to type up this week so thats why this email is a little different. 

Church is true. I know it. I know that lifes not easy but with the Gospel its better. God loves us. We are His children. And that we are never alone. I pray that you all know these truths and if you dont that you pray to know. 

I love you all!

 Have a great week!

Hna Hildman