Monday, July 13, 2015

My last email as a missionary...July 13 2015

Well this is my last email as a missionary... que triste... but we all knew this was coming. 

I truly love missionary work.

I love my Savior Jesus Christ.

I know He lives.

I know we are God's children.

I know that prayer is powerful.. and true.

We dont understand all that God knows (isaiah 55:8-9) but if we trust Him.. do what hes asked.. everything will be alright.. in fact it will be better than if we had not listened.

Obedience really is a heavenly rule.

Theres a quote i like that goes

we obey not because were blind, but because we can see.

When we understand that obedience brings blessings... and that exact obedience brings miracles our worlds change completely. 

Heavenly Father has given us commandments to help, protect and to bless us... not to hinder us.

He loves us so much. I just think of the love I have for my family and for the people here... and the love my family has for me... and trying to imagine Gods love for us... wow. its big,. But I testify He is our heavenly father and lovesss us oh he loves us... he sent his only begotten son to suffer and die for us.

Jesus Christ is the perfect example of obedience... He always did the will of his father. He understood that when we do Heavenly Fathers will He makes much more out of our lives than we ever could.. we will pass through hard times but those great times are truly so much sweeter. 

I love you all.

I know that these things are true without a doubt.

In the name of Jesus Christ,


con amor

Hermana Hildman

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Well this is it - July 6th 2015

So this week was kinda of busy.

Monday I went to Ocoa...that was a long trip. 

Tuesday... i dont remember 

Wednesday we had hermanas conference in Bani. 

Jueves i taught my last english class! yay... ha

Friday we went out with the MTC... that was an adventure. Ill tell more about that later.

Saturday was 4th of July and we had district meeting and went and ate american food. Wendys and pizza to celebrate it.

Sunday our investigator Felix came to church. This is his 3rd time. Im really excited to see how he progresses. The only bummer is that he doesnt live in our area... he just works and basically lives in our area so we will have to refer him to the other missionaries. He has a baptism date for August. Victor, a less active came to church and he stayed the whole time! and--- shared his testimony in the pulpit. I felt very happy. 

Wednesday... i unfortunately forgot to bring my camera so i will have to wait and have pics forwarded to me... however it was wonderful. I spent a lot of time with Hermana Larson, Beukers, Angeles and Alas. It was so fun to see my wonderful family that I have made in the mission. I will miss these dear sisters but I am thankful that I have gotten to know them. We had a lot of activities. I shared my testimony, which i wasnt expecting Id be doing. I hope they could understand through my tears.. ha

Friday like all of our set visits fell. So we had some like random visits that were super interesting. We have a... well shes not really an investigator. A lady that lives in our area thats really a character. She has dreds and supposedly speaks like 5 languages... however I cannot understand her english. Anyway we shared with her and afterwards she brought out this coconut desert with glasses of water... but it seemed kinda sketch. However, it would have been really rude to reject it so we bucked it up and ate it. We didnt get sick... so our prayers were answered.

Today we played basketball again but Hermana Paul didnt feel like we played as good as we did last time. Plus it was super hot. I literally had sweat dripping in my eyes... and my oh my does that sting. However it was fun to play. It also began to pourrrr so bad like 3 hours ago. I called the colmado to deliver eggs and he did before it began to pour but then he couldtn leave so we gave him a chair to sit in. however outside it began to flood... the poor guy so i started to sweep the water away. Then it cleared up some so he left and i was sweeping and totally got the backside of the poor guy with water... i felt so bad... poor guy. i hope he forgives me, it was really an accident.

Anyway... this week is going to be full of hard work and sweat in this summer DR heat. 

I love you all!

I know that Christ lives and loves each one of us! 

Never lose faith He hears your prayers!!!


con muuuuuchisimo amor,

Hermana Hildman


Monday, June 29, 2015

Ocoa - June 29th 2015

Wow... I have 2 more weeks left. I cant even believe that. I am currently in Ocoa which was my first area. Its crazy how so many things change. I cant believe its been almost a year since ive been here in Ocoa. So many memories. I feel a little emotional to say the least. 


The mission cant end. I dont feel like I am going home, I just feel like Im going to be transferred to another area... but the other area will be my house. Ay mi madre. I really will miss the DR and being a missionary. Being a representative of Lord is not easy but it has been a wonderful blessing. To just talk to complete strangers about a message so so special, that truly is the answer to all the worlds questions. 

I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the solution and truly whats going to help the world from envy, pride, violence, etc. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life. 

This last week seems just like the others weeks to have escaped me and fly by. It was a good week though. We had 4 investigators in church yesterday! we now have 3 investigators with a baptism date! We now know of 3 new families were beginning to work with! 

Wow missionary work is awesome.

I love you all and unfortunately dont have much time because i have to head back to the capital and dont have the luxury to have a smart phone to have during the 2 hour gua gua ride to contintue... but i love you all and hope you have a great week!!!

con mucho amor, 

hermana Hildman

Monday, June 15, 2015

Pictures from la Ciudad Colonial en Santo Domingo June 8th 2015

A little information about their tourist day:
After Christopher Columbus's arrival on the island in 1492, Santo Domingo became the site of the first cathedral, hospital, customs house and university in the Americas. This colonial town, founded in 1498, was laid out on a grid pattern that became the model for almost all town planners in the New World.
Christopher Columbus

Painting of the last Judgement

Another view of outside of Cathedral

Inside the Cathedral

Juan Pablo Duarte (Abe Lincoln of the DR)

Outside of Cathedral

Intense ceiling with lots of symbolism

Hermana Hildman, Hermana Stanton, and Hermana Flores all started their missions together

Colonial DR

Living Testimony - June 15th 2015

Well this week went by fast. Holy smokes. Last tuesday i went to the Christofer Columbus park with those who are ending with me (those who are in the capital). It was really cool. A lot of walking in the heat but i learned a lot. I learned a lot about the catholic church too which was cool. Ive always been curious about the catholic religion and i found it very facisnating about all the symbolism they put in their church and cathedral construction. 

 This week was good. We are getting to know a lot new people and finding new investigators. Our 7th day adventist investigator Jose came to church yesterday. He liked it all except for one talk about the sabbath day. A member stopped by him and took him to church. Hes in Alma with his book of mormon reading. Slowly but surely were getting progression with him. Once he receives his own testimony he will be SOLID.

We also have a new person we just met a couple days ago named Antonio. We met him off the street and invited him to church. He said he would go. and he actually did come.. like he said he would. what?? He really liked it and we invited him to the movie activity at 6 later that evening and he came to that too. He really liked the church and wants to come back. So cool!!! This is why we talk to everyone... 

So before i send this off I want to share with you something that really touched me.

 Saturday we had planned on having a zone meeting in the morning but friday night at like 11pm they called us to tell us it was canceled. So the next morning we didnt have any plans secure. So we made some plans but all those plans fell. We were walking and I was like hey Miguelina lives over here we should go visit her. Shes an active member but shes a little physically disabled. I thought we could possible serve her. We get there and it was as if she was waiting for us. 

 I had never visited her before and she let us in and just showed us around and shared all these pictures and what not. We shared a message with her. She really is a woman of great faith. She has suffered 3 strokes so it is hard for her to speak. She said she couldnt walk nor speak like 5 months ago. She still has trouble speaking but she can walk and write. She is a walking miracle. She showed us she practices her writing by writing scriptures and she said she is currently in Moroni, the last book in the book of mormon. She really is an active a member and super sweet... but towards the end she kind of broke down. She got frustrated with trying to speak. She just out of frustration said that all she desired was to be able to speak clear so she could share her testimony.

I thought... how many of us who CAN speak dont; dont open their mouths and share the gospel. share a short testimony of truth with those they love. 

 However, she may not be able to share her testimony with words... but she sure does share it with her actions. 

 I invite all of you to open your mouth and share your testimony with someone this week AND.... be a living testimony. Live that what you say and believe. 

 This is Christs church and it is worth all the struggle and strife we expereince in this life to be able to live as eternal families afterwards.

I love you all and hope you have a great week! Share your testimony. :) 

con amor,

hermana hildman 

Things taste sweeter when you've craved them - June 8th 2015

Well i unfortunately havent taken any pictures this week. 

Im sorry!

Youll have to just imagine my new companion until i can send a picture.
shes a tiny little pervuian next to a tall white girl ha. Shes really cute and is a good teacher. I love how she makes me people feel comfortable upon first meeting them and how much of a missionary she is. Shes so natural and unawkward ha. 
We are getting to know a lot of new people and its awesome. We share with everyone and anyone.
Well i had an hour to write you guys today but tomorrow is my pday. We who are ending the mission this transfer (or those in the capital at least) are going to the east mission tomorrow with president to visit the christofer columbus site. Im excited. i should hopefully have many pictures to send all of you next week. 
I just have one short little thought i want to share i learned this week.

So sunday was fast sunday and we were fasting. when it comes to taking the sacrament when we fast, we anticipate it more because we havent eaten in over 24 hours.. and then we take it we let it savor in our mouth... well at least i do. trying to soak it all up before having to take the water. 

I made an connection to the Atonement (the sacrifice) of Christ. Its a lot sweeter and means a lot more when we need it. When were struggling and need strength. Just how our bodies need strength from food so does our spirit. 

I know that this Christs church. I know He loves us and wants the best for us. He understands. 

(Alma 7:11~12)


I love you all



hermana hildman 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

This week was a long one...June 1 2015

So it was week 6 of the 6 weeks... and it felt a lot longer than 7 days. Whoof... 

We had Hermana Dibble and Martinezs birthdays, Hermana Alas and I had to go again to the migration and passport office... and were there from 7am to 3pm... that was a long day. Friday was Mothers days here and our ward had a fun activity for the moms. We brought 3 investigators with us. It was good.. it just started late so it ended late so we were pooped. 

speaking of investigators Johanna accepted a baptismal date for July 4th. Shes really awesome she just hasnt come to church yet because she has 2 little kids and a baby. However, this sunday were planning on stopping by and helping her. 

Jose are 7 day adventist is reading very quickly in the book of mormon hes in Mosiah. However, he hasnt been to church the last two sundays and hes just really reading reading reading and i dont think hes really meditating on the message. Hes very set on the sabbath day being saturday and its really hard to teach anything otherwise. It makes it difficult. We teach and the Spirit is there but then he brings up the sabbath day at the end and then hes completely close minded and the spirit leaves and contentions comes... i hate it. So well see how that goes. Were praying for him and that the spirit will help him understand and soften his heart. We keep telling him to pray and ask Heavenly Father but his thinking is that its unnecessarily because he recognizes that the book of mormon is scripture too.... so were working on that. Maybe my new companion can help.

Yupp, I am getting a new companion. Hermana Alas is off to San Juan and I am receiving Hermana Huaman whos from Peru. Im excited. Hermana Huaman is leaving Ocoa... the exact area where I was (where i first started) so she should be bringing updates on Carmen and will finally see her baptism pictures (and send them to all of you). Our house will have a new atmopshere as we are 6 and three are leaving. So well see how itll be. 

Im excited for my ward/area. We are trying really hard to work with the members and get to know more and leave with them more. I really have a great ward and I can see they are excited about missionary work its just getting them involved more. 

I really find it hard to believe i will be home in 6 weeks... thats really weird to me. I am excited but sad. 

This last week I was finishing up in Alma in the Book of Mormon with all the war chapters and I learned an interesting lesson I would like to share with you guys.

So the saints in these chapters were doing what they were supposed to be doing. They were keeping the commandments but the wars came and they had to prepare themselves for battle. They were doing everything right but had to stretch themselves a little more when the trials came...

 When times are harder... pray more, read the scriptures more, fast, reach out to others more... be active in your church callings... go to church. 

We are consistently preparing ourselves day by day. With prayer and scripture study.. just as soldiers are constantly prepared.. however just like when war strikes and resources are used we have to restock and work harder to have more strength. We'll receive some blows... but we know as we rely on Jesus Christ and follow His commandments... Heavenly Father will bless us.

I am learning more and more that life is just hard... period. and its just going to be harder. There are going to be things that I cant control and things I wont or wouldnt ever expect... but as we conistently do our part to prepare and rely on the Lord, everything will be okay. 

 Life here is short, what matters most is how we use are short time here so that we can enjoy that eternal amount of time after this life. 

 I love you all and I know that Heavenly Father loves you and is watching after you. Dont be discouraged through your fight through life. Go to the BASE and renew your supplies. Heavenly Father. Hes just waiting to bless and help you.


Have a wonderful week

con amor, 


Hermana Hildman



Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lift someone :) May 25th 2015

So I was really exhausted this last week but it went by fast... but it also felt long. I feel like its all a blur now. Changing pdays really throws everything however it was a good week. just interesting.

My companion and i had to go to migration offices for her papers. We were there with missionaries from the east mission from 730 am until 130pm. that was a long day... we came home and went straight out with a member.... i was pooped.

We had english class this last week and its starting up nicely. We were teaching how to pray in english. My companion is learning really fast too. At night we almost completely speak in english. Shes going to be fluent by the end of her mission... thats the hope. :)

Sunday we finally got one of our investigators to come to church but we went to the wrong ward because he got there early! However, at least he came right? 

We had a family home evening with another family were working with and we brought another family with us and it went very well. Had another family home evening too with a family in our ward. We´re trying to leave with different members each week and just find people ready to receive the gospel. 

Im sorry my thoughts are scattered... I am tired ha. However, this is the best work ever. I know its true. I know it. 

very quickly i want to share this video

its about 9 min long and really touching.

Service truly is key... I love the quote at the end. 

 Hope you all have a fantastic week and remember the bascis


read your scriptures

and go to church.

 and try to serve someone today!

theyll help you! I love you all!


Hermana Hildman

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Im sorry I am writing this a day late -May 19th 2015

So we changed our Pday to today so we could go to the zoo! The only day they close is justo on monday so we changed our pday to go today. It was actually really fun too. They have animals I have never seen. They had Rhinos, and hippos, lemures, camels, jaguars and just the way the zoo was set up was really cool. its basically ALL open... like the only ones really caged away were the lions, tigers and jaguars... and some birds of coarse but like everything else was really open. it was cool.

i saw red deer? i didnt know that existed. All kinds of cool animals from all over the world. I will try to send some pictures. 

This last week I did splits with the MTC. These hermanas are going to puerto rico and santiago... so not our mission dang. I went out with Hermana Gubler. I have never gone on splits with the MTC so it was interesting. It doesnt feel like its been that long since i left the MTC but it really has. Hermana Gubler was really excited but super nervous about leaving into the mission. Little nervous about speaking and didnt understand much. and I was like woah... I have come along way. However, it was good. Young missionaries have a special spirit... Greenie spirit. We get sent out here not really knowing anything but trusting all in God... and really Hes the only one that can help us in this work. 

We also had zone conference this last week and it was really good as well. One thing that really stood out to me was focusing on the Restoration. We as missionaries, im guilty, are so slow to get to the ´meat´of the message we carry: about Jose Smith and how the church has been restored. That there was apostasty etc. That really hit me. Because really it helps us also measure if they the people we visit are truly interested as well. Plus, the first vision brings such a strong spirit. I know that this church is true. I cant deny it and I will never deny it... and I want to be firm forever in the faith because i know that it truly brings us happiness... eternal happiness. I want to be with my family forever and I know it is possible through the restored gospel. Through those sagred covenants we make in the temple we can be sealed on earth and in heaven.


I know that this gospel is true and that heavenly father truly does love us. we go through trials but as we lean on Him... everything will be okay. Its just like a young tree growing. As we lean on that stick that helps us stay up straight we´ll make it and be strong as we keep looking up. I love you all and hope you all have a great week!!!


con mucho amor,

Hermana Hildman

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Pictures April & May 2015

Mother's day weekend May 11th 2015

So this last week my old companion hermana Olsen.. well now its kaitlin olsen ha.

She came back to visit with her family and took the 6 of us out to eat. Hermana Martinez another hermana who lives with us was also her companion so it was cool to visit with her. We ate at Chilis. that was crazy. 

 Also yesterday, was an eventful day. One of our investigators Jose came to church again! He is a member of the 7 day adventist church. Hes really awesome and super sweet. 

I gave a talk and it went well... and then after church we were able to call/skype out moms. It was good. 

I feel like my weeks go by so fast. We're already halfway through the transfer. shoot. I love my companion Hermana Alas though, shes super sweet and is always serving me. 

I apologize from my scattered emails. This week was good. In my personal reading i am reading in Alma and reading about Alma and Amulek is so neat to read as a missionary. They had so much success but so many trials too. Missionary work is a hard but such a wonderful work. I love to be part of it. I have hard days but the good days are so good. I was able to focus much more in the work this last week. My days are getting closer but this is 4th quarter... this is where i need to work the hardest ever. Give it all I got. 

I love missionary work. I love the DR.

I know that Heavenly Father is always listening to your prayers... dont give up. Keep working hard. 

have a great week. i love you all! 


Hermana Hildman

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Short but sweet - May 4th 2015

I am sorry that this email is going to be short. However it was a good week. We had a less active came to church on sunday named Pasqual. It was a big surprise. I guess he hasnt come in a very long time and he promised he would go. I didnt think he would though. And he did. He really is a sweet old man.

 I truly have a testimony of how divinely led the mission is. We are with certain companions, in certain areas, in specific times... there truly is no accident. Everything is so divinely led by Heavenly Father. Its tough to sometimes remember that but I know its true. Heavenly Father loves us and as we trust Him and serve Him by serving His children He uses us and transforms us into someone better, stronger...  

I love you all and know that you are all passing through your own personal struggles... but dont lose faith. Trust in Heavenly Father. He is truly there. He loves you. 

Have a great week!

con muchisimo amor,

Hermana Hildman

Monday, April 27, 2015

My first week in Quisqueya - April 27th 2015

Well its weird to be in the capital again. Its hotter too. So im getting a little more dark ha.


I love my new comp. hermana Alas is from El Salvador and is a sweetheart.


I am in a ward again so thats weird ha but I am excited. Where we live we are surround my members. Its like the mormon block. Its cool though. 


We work a lot in callejones which are like houses on top of other houses... more poorer. We have some solid people though and its cool. We had 3 investigators come to church. Church was relaxing didnt have to worry about teaching everything. One of my old MTC teachers is in my ward and she remembered me. I was her last group. Crazy.


Anyway, Im sorry my letter is all scattered but I had a good week. We are working hard and giving all our all. I live in house of 6 again and we all get along. what a blessing!


I kind of feel like im in america. I have a taco bell, burger king, wendys, krispy kreme, etc... all in walking distance. and i see a lot more cars and white people. I dont know if its preparation for going home... but its making me more sad as the weeks are getting closer to ending.


i truly love the DR and to be part of the marvilous work. I miss all of you but I know will miss all of this too. I will miss all the fresh fruit, the crazy loud music, colmados, sun, tranquility, the spirit from testifying, seeing peoples lives change...


I will really truly miss being a missionary. It has been such a wonderful pleasure to serve the Lord. I can testify that He lives and that truly this is His work. I have felt the Spirit testify through and to me. I know God loves us and despite all the hardships and loneliness we often feel... He is right there through it all. He cares so much for us and wants all the best for us. 


I love you all and hope you have a great week. 


con amor, 

hermana hildman 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Well I´m off to a new adventure April 20th 2015

So we received transfer calls and just as we suspected I am leaving dear San Juan. I am off to the capital, an area called Quisqueya. It´s a richer area than where i was before in the capital. Different work for sure. We will see how it wil be. My new companion is Hermana Alas and she just finished training. Shes from El Salvador I believe. I will let you all know next week. 

Saying goodbye to the Ramirez Sanchez family was tough. But it was a great sunday. They all attended church yesterday. Loriel in a white shirt and tie and has a calling now! Lorenzo is getting the priesthood! and Lorenny came. She will get baptized soon i know it. She knows its true. Yesterday we had exchanged gifts and they gave me and Hermana Kantoa gifts. I gave them some gifts as well and Lorenzo (the dad) said he wasnt going to open it. He said whenever he looks at it he´ll think of me. 

 I really love this family and its hard to say ¨see you later¨s . But change is part of the mission and I have learned to really appreciate them because without them i would never have gotten to know the people i have.

This last week of the transfer was a hard one but a refining one. I know Christ lives and that He suffered for us. We are never alone through our trails. Never ever. 

 I love you all and testify that this Christ´s church. Keep praying, keep working hard, and keep the commandments.

I love you all.

Have a great week!

con mucho amor,

Hermana Hildman

45 And charity suffereth long, and is kind, and enviethnot, and is not puffed up, seeketh not her own, is not easilyprovoked, thinketh no evil, and rejoiceth not in iniquity but rejoiceth in the truth, beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.    (Moroni 7:45)


Monday, April 20, 2015

New Beginnings April 13 2015

Alright so this highlight of the week for me was the baptism or Loriel and Lorenzo.. aka the familia Ramirez Sanchez.

They are so so so great. I love them so much. Rosa bought my comp and I  plaid shoes. She later asked the other hermanas for their shoe size and bought them some too. 

She said you guys are far away from your family so were your family here. 

I just about cried. I love her. We now refer to her as Mama Rosa. 

The baptism was awesome. Rosa shared a message and Lorenzo started crying. She talked about how now theyre preparing for the temple to be an eternal family.

Lorenzo and Loriel shared their testimonies and it was so cool.

Loriel said he didnt like the mormon church before but that when we came to visit there was something different about us. He felt good and when he came to church he was filled with a positive energy.

Lorenzo shared about how we first met him in the corner with a friend of his and he was telling us to visit his wife and daughter because they liked the mormon church. He never thought he would be the one joining. He said there is no such thing as coincidences. I second that.

I unfortunately was not able to attend the baptism of Carmen but I am thankful I was able to be there during the process. This work is true. It is the work of salvation... the most important work out there. I am no perfect servent but I really want to do God´s will and help everyone. We truly are brothers and sisters. I know that God lives. I know.  

Life brings so many changes and change is not easy... but I know as we rely on Heavenly Father and His plan... everything will be alright.

Transfers are coming up this next week and I dont know what will happen if I am going or staying... but most likely will not be with hermana Larson anymore. It makes me sad to think about it because she has become one of my best friends and a sister. I love her. She has helped me become a better person and we have seen a lot of miracles happen here in San Juan.

I love this church and I am so thankful for it in my life.

¨Time brings change and change takes time¨- mindy gledhill

no matter what happens, God´s in it.

I love you all and know God loves you too.

Have a great week and talk to you all next week Monday!

with much love... muchísimo amor 

Hermana Hildman 

Well I hope you all had a wonderful easter! April 6th 2015

Well I hope you all had a wonderful easter!

Our week was a little strange. I kind of fell ill one morning but received a blessing and felt fine going out in the afternoon. So it was a strange thing but all is well now.

A lot of people celebrated easter here. They celebrate a lot by chilling in kiddie pools, drinking, eating sweet beans, and with lots of family. I was explaining to Rosa about some of the traditions we do in the states... and hiding and coloring eggs seems like such a strange concept to me now. 

Anyway, Rosa shared with us sweet beans and i actually do like them. chaka though i dont like as much.. but not bad.

It rained a lot this last week which was kind of nice because its really starting to warm up down here. One day it just rained like ALL day... and we were stuck in one of areas which is just dirt roads and it was like mini rivers... and i totally fell and got so muddy. Luckily we were by Rosas and she gave me a skirt... but i felt like an old domincan woman because i was mixing patterns. I had a lined blouse with a flower skirt... oh it did not match at all haha... but it was nice to have a clean skirt and i only needed it for another hour.

We also had general conference and it was so wonderful to hear such wonderful council. They talked a lot about marriage and family and really they are such important topics. (plus when they mentioned the temple in Haiti i almost cried... i love haitian people so so much)

I truly love the gospel and know its the only thing that can help us in such a chaotic world we live in. 

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful upcoming week and know that Heavenly Father loves you!

con amor de la República Dominicana

Hermana Hildman 



Monday, March 30, 2015

Exhausted, but happy March 30 2015

Dear loved ones,

 I had a crazy week of activties and not sufficient time to share it all.

We went to the temple on Tuesday, we have a new branch president, we had interviews with Presdient, we had a noche de hogar (a family home evenin) with the Ramirez Sanchez family, we taught an english class and we completed a huge goal....

our goal this last week was to contact (talk and invited 1000 people to church)... well, we did it. 1026 contacts. I was so exhausted. We literally would walk like almost all day and my mouth and tongue were literally tired from talking... it was crazy. however, it was really cool because i was doubtful but my comp knew we could do it. it took a lot of planning and writing cards but we did it!!!   now i never want to contact again ha... but really its cool of how many people we met and the people Heavenly Father places in our paths.
The family home evening was really awesome. I really love this family. Rosa, Lorenzo, Lorenni and Loreal. We taught the Word of wisdom this last week and Lorenzo said the only thing he couldnt give up is his orange juice... we told him he can drink his orange juice ha.

 this family is so cute. Lorenzo is so excited for his baptism and Loreal was asking questions about missions. ahh its crazy. I love the work.

 I recently found out that Carmen from my first area... is getting baptized on the 11th! i just burst into tears when i read that. I dont think i can go though ebcause Lorenzo and Loreal are getting baptized the same day which is so bittersweet... but i wil lbe there in spirit. 

 I love these people.

The work is Gods work and I know its true.

I hope you all have a great week!

love you!

and happy easter!

remember to think of the Savior a little more this week... 
con amor,

hermana Hildman

Before heading out for the Day

After a long day out! But a great day!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Mountains to climb-March 23 2015

Alright I just want to start off with this video. I want you all to look it up. 



So I honestly bawled when i watched that video.

This week for some reason has been very emotional and hard for me. But just how the video illustrates as we strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ it will help us endure and overcome even the hardest struggles...

The simple things such as prayer and scripture study really are so so so important. This week honestly went by so fast. I do have a small experience I want to share with you guys.

The other night my companion and I were just about to enter our house and go up the stairs when we saw an older lady walking with a sack. we hesitated and then asked her if she needed any help. She said no but we asked her if we could walk her home since it was late. She agreed and we walked with her. She was a sweet old lady. In the sack she had some leaves for some rabbits she has. We just visited and walked with her to her house. It was something really small but really was neat to be there and help her even though it was small. We havent seen her since, but we now know where she lives and always look for her as we pass.

I love missionary work even its small things like that. God works through small and simple means... and uses the weak and humble to bring to pass His work. 

 I love all of you and testify God is aware of you. Even when you feel so so low and dark He cares. I testify of the power of the priesthood. I testify that this is God´s church. I know we are never alone. God loves us and wants the very best for us. He stretches us and pushes us but He never abandons us during this ´training´.... 

Have a great week! Youre the best!

con muchísimo amor,

hermana hildman

Monday, March 16, 2015

Its true... it really is. doubt not, fear not... pray and ask God. March 16th 2015

This last Thursday we had the opportunity to see Elder Jeffery R Holland of the Quroum of the 12 Apostles. We were told we would not be able to shake his hand but when he came in they announced that he had requested it.

 It was really cool and super spiritual experience.I cried a lot.. He truly is a representive of Jesus Christ. 

I love Elder Hollands way in . He is bold but he loves so much that its never overbearing. He talked a lot about the second coming and the book of mormon. He mentioned things that just connected the dots to a lot of things. it was really cool. 

The book of mormon truly is a sign of the second coming. (Revelations 14:16). It has the plentitude of the gospel. 

Oh my goodness... I wish I could share with all of you all the wonder insights I learned. 

However, I can share my testimony that I know that the church of Christ was restored on the earth through Joseph Smith and that the church of jesus christ of the latter day saints is true. The book of mormon is evidence of that. I know the Book of Mormon is true and that it is the word of God, just as the bible is. 

I know God loves us and that He still talks to man today. He wants the best for us. He has provided His Gospel. He sent His son for us. He loves us. We are Gods children.

I love all of you and hope you all have a great week.

con amor,

hermana hildman

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Spirt speaks softly - March 9th 2015

Today I am writing on Tuesday because we didnt have the chance yesterday... because of a random DR San Juan holiday so many internet cafes were closed...

So transfers came and our house is the same. I wasnt expecting a change since my companion and I are still in training. However we thought hermana Kantoa might leave but shes here again in San Juan for her 5th transfer. woof... long time. However, shes such a great sunshine were excited to have her again.

My week was really good. I really love serving with my companion. Shes such a great missionary and hard worker. She helps me when i feel disanimated.. its great. 

Missionary work is tough but so worth it. My companion and I are working with this awesome family! I dont know if I have mentioned them yet. But theyre the familia Ramirez Sanchez. The mom Rosa is a member but less active because she lost contact with the church after moving away. And her husband and kids are not members. They have now been to church 2-3 times. the wife 3 times but the others only twice. They are so awesome. They accepted a baptism date for the 4th of April. The dad said that they have been waiting for something like this. He had talked to the sister missionaries before but they never stopped by. And I had passed by their house several times and everytime i saw rosa i always felt i should talk to her... but never did.

However, The Lord works in mysterious ways and he kept having us run into this family because they are ready. We really need to listen to the Spirit. 

Even the small promptings are so important. I am learning that lesson a lot with my companion. We get little promptings all the time... that appear as just good ideas. Its only like 3 seconds and you recognize it and many times i feel i had shaken them off.. but my comp has taught me to really follow those good ideas and feelings. because really the spirit speaks softly... 

I know that this is God´s work. I know He loves us... truly He does. The Spirit is real. It is so so so real. There would be no way I could be here teaching the gospel without it... The Spirit is what teaches. I am only a mouthpiece.

I love the Gospel, I love our Savior Jesus Christ, I love our Heavenly Father, and I love all of you...

I hope you have a great week!

Love Hermana Hildman

Monday, March 2, 2015

His image in our countance- Mar 2 2015

Alright so... i am demasiado short on time today. 

However, I just want to write and tell you all that I am well and happy. 

This week just like all the other weeks has gone really fast. We are working hard and seeing miracles.

I just wanted to share a special experience with you guys very quickly.

So yesterday we went to visit an older lady whos very religious. We met her a couple of weeks ago. Her name is Carmen and we still dont know her super well. But, she is a great woman of faith. She is so sweet and just loves us her so much. We were running late to her appointment when she called us asking if we were close. We told her we were and when we got there we found her reading the Plan of Salvation pamphlet.

We talked about it and it was really neat. She in the middle of the lesson got up to give us something. She came back with two glasses of orange juice. Just from a carton she had bought. Such a small act but it was out of the deepness of her heart. 

She said something to me that really hit me... She said she could see the Lords countence in us, that when she sees us she sees the Lord. This really hit me because I am not a perfect missionary. I cannot speak spanish super well nor teach super effective either. I tend to focus on my faults but when i heard this.. It really touched me to know that really I am a representive of Jesus Christ and people can see and feel it.

I know that this church is true. I know God lives and that Christ is His son. We are part of a plan much much bigger than us. He loves us. I testify of these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Have a great week!

I love you all!

Hermana Hildman

The Sun always shines--Feb 23rd 2015

So I dont know whats happening but the weeks go by so so so fast. 

 This last week we went to Azua for a zones conference and learned a lot. One thing about being a missionary is youre never a perfect one... and always always can improve.
thats how it is in life though too. We´re here to improve and continually learn. Sometimes I dont feel the brightest but I strive to improve day by day and thats all we can ever really do.


I just wanted to share a cool experience. So we have found this family. The mother was baptized in 1987 but moved away shortly after that and then moved back to San Juan and the church was really far away so she never went back. Well i had seen her several times before when i was with hermana Dibble and i always felt like we should talk to her but I never did other than a short hola with passing.

However a couple days ago we were sharing a message in the street when she passed by and mentioned shed like us to visit her. we said of coarse and set a day to go visit her. We showed up that day and found out she was a member and shared with her husband and son. Ironically we had also met the husband a day or so before and he had told us that down the street was a woman named Rosa that liked the Mormon church... However, he didnt mention it was his WIFE.... Anyway, Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways and we now know this family. 

We shared with them and invited them to church. They said sure and we offered to walk with them. So we told them 830 but we showed up early and they were all ready to go. (except the husband because he had to work)... However Rosa and her two kids were ready and excited to go. We showed up early to church and were able to show them around and explain a little bit about baptism and the sacrament. They all seemed very interested and entrigued. 

Anyway, church got started and we helped them to thier classes and what not. We left for a short while to pick up another investigator and to stop by a less active. The investigator Cheilin came with us and the young women just welcomed her in and became instant best friends which was so awesome. The less active (Teresa) came later and ended up setting next to Rosa and they seemed to be hitting it off too. Teresa wants to visit Rosa with us. 

Its so cool how missionary works. Usually Sundays are super stressfull but yesterday was a miracle day.

I love the Gospel truly and know its true. I know that it blesses lives. We are not perfect and can continually improve and the Gospel helps us grow and improve in the right direction. 

I know Heavenly Father lives and loves us. I know that Jesus Christ is His son and that His gospel has been restored to earth. 

I know it.

I love you all and hope you have a great week and try to look for the many blessings and tender mercies Heavenly Father will give you this week.

Despite the rain the sun is always there. Be happy. Be grateful. Be true.

Love you!

con mi amor,

Hermana Hildman

 (the pic is our zone here in San Juan with President and Sister Nuckols)

Hope you all had a happy valentines day--Feb 16th 2015

Hope you all had a happy day of love and friendship!

(o feliz dia del amor y la amistad)

yWe had a good week here. It went by super fast. I cant believe its P'day. However, thats good means we worked hard. 

On valentines day the other hermanas had a baptism and it was super awesome. Jorge and Alejandra got baptized. we ran into Jorge several times through out the day and he was just beaming and was just so so excited for his baptism. It was cute. It made me super excited for him.

 Baptism really is a great thing and great first step. Its the doorway to our path back home... but not the end. Baptism is where we are ´born again´... not where we accept him and are saved.. We are saved after all we have done... enduring to the end.

 Baptism is really a thing we pursue to invite our investigators to reach but ultimately those blessings of the temple are what we really want for them. The gospel brings so many blessings and baptism is just a step towards them.

 I love this gospel and know its true. I know its not easy to live it but its worth it. 

 On another note, 

I just have an awkward-amusing story to share with you.

 Being a white woman in the DR:

 So yesterday my companion and I were helping shell beans or ´habichuelas´is what they call them in a poorer neighborhood. While we were there sharing and helping this older couple several people came up to us and tried offering their babies to us. i felt really awkward. they were like.. do you want it? i was like hes cute, but no. And then one guy was talking to my comp telling her she was going to be her visa... i told that man to leave and she was not going to be his visa...

 my life as a Sister missionary in the Dominican Repubolic


Anyway hope you got a kick out of my life and that you have a fantastic week!

oh and happy Presidents day!

con amor, 

hermana hildman

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Growing in the right direction...Feb 9th 2015

Start this email off a little different:

·         Book of Mormon

20And it came to pass that they did multiply and prosper exceedingly in the land of Helam; and they built a city, which they called the city of Helam. 

21Nevertheless the Lord seeth fit to chasten his people; yea, he trieth their patience and their faith. 

22Nevertheless—whosoever putteth his trust in him the same shall be lifted up at the last day. Yea, and thus it was with this people. 
...enduring to the end is a hard principle. But, There is an end and that´s the beauty of it¨- (a quote from a friend of mine)

This week was just a really weird, hard week for my companion and I. We get along great which is such a beautiful blessing but we´ve had some interesting lessons... and truly a lot of no lessons... We had a lot of appointments fall this week for what it appeared to us, no reason. We were doing all we were supposed to be doing... but ¨cita¨or appointment after appointment... they wouldnt be there or didnt have time or were sick... or something. its normal to have a few fall but we had several days where they ALL fell. 

Sometimes appointments fall and sometimes things arent going the way they were planned. Doing everthing right... and its still tough.


(see scripture again)

Heavenly Father tries us, our faith, our patience... so that we can always always trust in Him. He tries us. Its part of life here on earth: trials.

However, this is how we grow and we ultimately grow in the RIGHT direction when we trust in Heavenly Father. 

(see The Currant Bush - New Era Jan. 1973

I know this is His work. I now He loves us and always will. There is nothing we coudl ever do that would take away that love. We are His children.

Have a great week!

love you all!

con amor, Hermana Hildman 
This is an actual picture Kenzie took off their roof top



Monday, February 2, 2015

The first week being a mother... i mean trainer ha- Feb 2nd 2015

So this first week has been super exhausting but super great. 

My daughers name is Hermana Larson. She is from San Diego, California and is like the sweetest, coolest, nicest person ever! i love her! Shes super tall like me and very skinny unlike me ha. She already has so much love for these people and i so intune with the Spirit. Its so awesome to see really how much the Spirit works in missionary work. Shes so good at recognizing the Spirit and pointing it out to me that I really have kinda taken it for granted.. and thought of special things as normal. but really the Spirit works and helps us every single day of missionary work and im glad she has helped me really notice it.

She shared something with me that really stood out to me that id love to share:

I dont know how the other churches do missionary work. The spirit is the most important thing in missionary work and thats the only thing i got right now.¨

The spirit always testifies of truth and truly is so important in missionary work. I love this work and know that its God´s work. Im not just going about sharing about Jesus Christ but I am truly striving to be His representive and do as He would do. I know Christ lives. I know He is our Savior. This is His church. I know that the Spirit testifies of Christ and of Heavenly Father. I am not really doing, I am just trying to bring the Spirit with me so that it can testify to these people of the truths that I know.

God loves us, I know it and i know you can all know if you dont. 


I love you all!

have a great week!

con mucho amor,

Hermana Hildman

It's a Girl!! Jan 26th 2015

Yupp, I am having an hija...

i am training and Hermana Dibble is heading off to the capital and I am receiving a new hermana straight from the MTC.

i dont have much time because my comp ahs to pack and we have to leave today

i love you all!

the church is true!


hermana hildman