Monday, July 13, 2015

My last email as a missionary...July 13 2015

Well this is my last email as a missionary... que triste... but we all knew this was coming. 

I truly love missionary work.

I love my Savior Jesus Christ.

I know He lives.

I know we are God's children.

I know that prayer is powerful.. and true.

We dont understand all that God knows (isaiah 55:8-9) but if we trust Him.. do what hes asked.. everything will be alright.. in fact it will be better than if we had not listened.

Obedience really is a heavenly rule.

Theres a quote i like that goes

we obey not because were blind, but because we can see.

When we understand that obedience brings blessings... and that exact obedience brings miracles our worlds change completely. 

Heavenly Father has given us commandments to help, protect and to bless us... not to hinder us.

He loves us so much. I just think of the love I have for my family and for the people here... and the love my family has for me... and trying to imagine Gods love for us... wow. its big,. But I testify He is our heavenly father and lovesss us oh he loves us... he sent his only begotten son to suffer and die for us.

Jesus Christ is the perfect example of obedience... He always did the will of his father. He understood that when we do Heavenly Fathers will He makes much more out of our lives than we ever could.. we will pass through hard times but those great times are truly so much sweeter. 

I love you all.

I know that these things are true without a doubt.

In the name of Jesus Christ,


con amor

Hermana Hildman

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Well this is it - July 6th 2015

So this week was kinda of busy.

Monday I went to Ocoa...that was a long trip. 

Tuesday... i dont remember 

Wednesday we had hermanas conference in Bani. 

Jueves i taught my last english class! yay... ha

Friday we went out with the MTC... that was an adventure. Ill tell more about that later.

Saturday was 4th of July and we had district meeting and went and ate american food. Wendys and pizza to celebrate it.

Sunday our investigator Felix came to church. This is his 3rd time. Im really excited to see how he progresses. The only bummer is that he doesnt live in our area... he just works and basically lives in our area so we will have to refer him to the other missionaries. He has a baptism date for August. Victor, a less active came to church and he stayed the whole time! and--- shared his testimony in the pulpit. I felt very happy. 

Wednesday... i unfortunately forgot to bring my camera so i will have to wait and have pics forwarded to me... however it was wonderful. I spent a lot of time with Hermana Larson, Beukers, Angeles and Alas. It was so fun to see my wonderful family that I have made in the mission. I will miss these dear sisters but I am thankful that I have gotten to know them. We had a lot of activities. I shared my testimony, which i wasnt expecting Id be doing. I hope they could understand through my tears.. ha

Friday like all of our set visits fell. So we had some like random visits that were super interesting. We have a... well shes not really an investigator. A lady that lives in our area thats really a character. She has dreds and supposedly speaks like 5 languages... however I cannot understand her english. Anyway we shared with her and afterwards she brought out this coconut desert with glasses of water... but it seemed kinda sketch. However, it would have been really rude to reject it so we bucked it up and ate it. We didnt get sick... so our prayers were answered.

Today we played basketball again but Hermana Paul didnt feel like we played as good as we did last time. Plus it was super hot. I literally had sweat dripping in my eyes... and my oh my does that sting. However it was fun to play. It also began to pourrrr so bad like 3 hours ago. I called the colmado to deliver eggs and he did before it began to pour but then he couldtn leave so we gave him a chair to sit in. however outside it began to flood... the poor guy so i started to sweep the water away. Then it cleared up some so he left and i was sweeping and totally got the backside of the poor guy with water... i felt so bad... poor guy. i hope he forgives me, it was really an accident.

Anyway... this week is going to be full of hard work and sweat in this summer DR heat. 

I love you all!

I know that Christ lives and loves each one of us! 

Never lose faith He hears your prayers!!!


con muuuuuchisimo amor,

Hermana Hildman