Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas from San Juan - Dec 22

Merry Christmas everyone! 

Hey everyone,
I am in San juan with Hermana Dibble. I am back in the south. its really beautiful here. definitely different. It has city feel and country feel. They have a downtown and then... OUT of town ha. Its really pretty though and pretty cool... like temperture wise. Theres a lot of sun but the clouds roll in around 3 or 4 and it cools down really nice. 

Hermana Dibble is from idaho too. Shes from Hayden.. which is northern idaho.. closer to spokane. Shes about the same height as me... im just a hair taller than her. Shes 19. Shes the youngest of 8... woof ha. (4 are her step siblings.. but she grew up with them). Im her second companion so thats an adjustment period because im not like her trainer and thats all she knows. BUT... we're making it work. She has 4 months. Her spanish is pretty good and shes not afraid to speak which is awesome. :)

As for the rest of the house. Im the oldest.. as far as being in the mission goes. I have 11 months. Hna dibble has 4, hna kantoa (who i lived with in OCOA!!!! ) has 8 months, and hna angeles has 4 months. Shes from mexico. Our house is pretty fun. We live right by the church. WE live across from a bakery whos a member and he gives us free bread. he gave us a big bag this morning. :)

As for everything else, I am really excited for Christmas. It doesnt quite feel like December with all the heat but nonetheless... it feels like it because Im focusing my thoughts more on Christ. 

I am really thankful to be serving as a representive as Jesus Christ and sharing about Him. He really is our Savior. He really is the biggest gift we could have ever received. He lives. His Atonement is real. His Atonement, His great sacrifice, is for everyone. He understands exactly how we feel because He suffered all pains and afflictions, sicknesses and for our sins (Alma 7:11-12) so He could sucor us. He knows how to help us. We just have to turn to Him and use His atonement.

I know God lives. He is our Father in Heaven. Change is a hard thing but really when we trust God He will help us where we lack. Just this morning my companion shared what she read in the book of mormon andi really liked it. She read 2 Nephi 7. I like verses 7-9 (im gonna highlight the parts i like best about the verses)

For the Lord God will help me, therefore shall not be confunded. ......
 And the Lord is near, and he justifieth me. Who will contendwith me?.......
For the Lord God will help me.....

God helps us where we lack if we trust Him and are obedient. I am seeing that. I am not a perfect missionary, I can not speak spanish (nor english for tht matter ha) perfectly, im not a perfect teacher, or companion... but when we do what we can... Heavenly Father helps with the rest.

I love you all!

Merry Christmas! 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Transfers dun...dun...dun... Dec 15 2014

soooo transfers came.. as expected.

however the transfers that came were not expected.


My comp Hermana Molina is training as well as the other dominican in our house.

SO... that means Hermana Beukers and I are leaving.

Im leaving!

Last lunch together as house mates & companions
woof... packing was stressful but its all good now.

Beukers is heading to capital capital Piantini... where the temple is.

and Where am i going?









the south!

wayyyy south....

Im going to San Juan.

Its the farthest hermanas go.

my new companion is Hermana Dibble. she just got done with training so she only has like 2 months... and today i hit 11 months.. so this is the first time ill be the older companion.

that'll be weird. but im excited. 

if i remember right i think she is from Idaho. Ill let you all know next week. 

I head off that way bright and early tomorrow.


This last week we had the Christmas conference as capital. It was on my birthday and we were there like all day. it was fun. very spiritual but also had a lot of fun too. our mission president and his wife talked about how they had gone to israel and seeing the sights there. talking all about Christ. having walked where He had walked.


then all the missionaries did a short skit with their zones. it was fun. some kinda went a little crazy... but it was fun.

ate food and visited with missionaries. i got to see one elder who started in ocoa right before i left there and it was fun to be able to talk to him.. especially since hes latin and i know a lot more spanish than i did.
Sister of the Capitol

we helped paint a house on saturday and that was fun..


my brain always blurs for transfers but it was a good week.

we as a house were kinda sicky but its all good. i think were all the better side now.

im excited for these transfers. im a little nervous. ive been with hermana molina for so long its going to be weird to be with an american again... well anyone but her. shes really become like my best friend. shes gonna be a great trainer. im excited for her. 

My companion and dear friend

The mission really is great. Its hard but there are a lot of great times.

im sad to leave this area but im grateful i have had the opportunity to be here and to know these wonderful people. 


The church is true wherever you go... even if the people arent. the church still is.

im thankful tohave the testimony that i have and to help others feel and have this great security i have from the gospel. I know God lives,. I know it. He loves us and when the going goes rough He never leaves... 


I love you all!


until next week!


con amor,

Hermana Hildman

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Dec 9th

Dearest McKenzie,

 Today is your 21st birthday!  Oh man where did the time go?  It seems like yesterday you were only 2 sitting at your little table reading books upside down.  Oh how I miss those days if only for a little while. :)  I am so proud of you and the beautiful soul you have become. Your first thought is always someone else. When you where home it was always your little brother Logan, grabbing extra cookies or cupcakes and bringing home for him.  I can almost here you two downstairs wrestling or giggling about something. It always made my heart swell when I could hear you. Now as I look at the pictures you send home I see you are always smiling.  Again it makes my heart swell as I know you are happy and enjoying serving the kind people of the Dominican!  I count myself very lucky to have a special daughter as you. You always make the people around you better by either making them happy through your sweet spirit, or your beautiful smile, and definitely through your kind heart!  My prayer for you this day is that you feel the love that all of your friends, family, and ward family have for you on your special day. We love you McKenzie and look forward to hearing about all the wonderful experiences Heavenly Father has bestowed upon you these past 10 1/2 months and the 71/2 to come!  Happy Birthday Love you Sis.


Always making faces she usually has everyone else doing it as well.

Beautiful spirits to go with beautiful smiles

Forever Best Friend

Always best buds

Abigail!!! Dec 8th

Abigail got baptized!!! It was a little hectic day. Last minute our baptism got combined with another one but it was good. Abigal was so happy. I was so happy. In a lot of the pictures i look asian from smiling so hard.


It was super neat, at the baptism Abigails best friend Wendy (who got baptized 4 months ago) shared her testimony. Wendy talked about how they had gone trhough a lot of things together and that when she had joined the church (wendy) her life change 100% better. She then inited her best friend to listen too. 


The Gospel really is the best gift ever to receive or give.


As missionaries we have been handing out these cards that have a link to a christmas video by the church. (

Its only 2 1/2 min long but its really neat. Ive seen it 3 or 4 times now. It really helps us remmeber Jesus Christ. "El es la Dádiva". I want you all to take the time to watch it. and then share it with at least 5 people. you can use facebook or email it. its really special and short.


Christ really is teh best gift we could ever have received. I know Christ lives . I know He gave His life for us. He loves us. God, our Heavenly Father, loves us. That is WHY He sent His only Begotten Son (John 3:16)


There are many things I still dont understand or know teh answers to, but this i do know:


     God loves us and if we turst Him... do what Hes asked (follow the commandments- be baptized, go to church, pray, etc).. He will bless us now but more importantly in the end.



love you all!

Have a great week!


love hermana Hildman


(ps this saturday is transfer calls.. so ill let you know next week what happens(


Monday, December 8, 2014

Hello Everyone!! Dec 1st

hey everyone!
hope you all had a good thanksgiving :)

i had two thanksgiving meals this last week... woah.


actually a lot of free food... dang. i feel like they want to fatten me up or something ha.. nah i love free food.. that isnt sketch.


we had a thanksgiving lunch as a district and then got invited to a thanksgiving (REAL THANKSGIVING) lunch from a american/dominican family. they had turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, PIE... shoot... it was good. 


some other things that happened this week:


1. tripped over a speed bump in the dark... it hurt.

2. I had to pee really bad... and may have peed behind an apartment building in the dark... 

3. Abigail passed her baptism interview! shes getting baptized this saturday!! shes so great. last time we were with her she was like... can I go out with you guys one day? and we were like of course!!


so cool... shes not even a member yet and wants to go out with us to visit/teach others. I love her so much! shes so great! 



Anyway... im sorry my time is short today. Internet sucked at first.. and time kinda escapes me. but i love you all! have a great week!! 


love hermana hildman


Funny Experience to share Nov 24th

so learning a language... its an adventure. this last week or so i have mixed up my words and my sentances have had completly differernt meanings. I hope you guys can get a kick out of my mistakes:


1) our house got fumigated (or in spanish fumigar) so we couldnt be in the house so we were in the church studying/planning. We were on our way after an hour so after they fumigated and we ran into the bishops son and another member. they asked why we were in the church and were the other hermanas were. i said they were smoking in our house. and the bishops sons eyes just got really big.. and i knew right then i said it wrong. i said fumando (smoking) and i was like no no no i mean fumigando fumigando... (fumigating)


2)my comp and i were on our way home for lunch. i asked her if we would stop by the colmado because we had talked about buying an eggplant. so i asked her if we wanted to buy a "ballena" but i meant to say "berenjena" meaning eggplant.. i instead said whale... oh man. she just laughed at me ha.


3) the other day hermana beukers had gotten out of the shower and i asked her if she had shaved her "águilas" but i meant to say "axilas" which means armpits... but i instead said eagles.... lets just say it gives bald eagles a whole new meaning haha.




Anyway, i hope you enjoyed those. 

Update on my week:

Abigail is pro-pro-progressing. shes really excited for her baptism. we had to push it another week because she missed a sunday but shes reading, going to church and NOT drinking coffee. we made a calendar for here top put a sticker on each day she doesnt drink coffee. we also put sciprtures on certain days. yesterday iasked her how teh calendar was going and she said good, that the scriptures each day are just what she needs... ah so cool. i love that girl so much.


oh, i also got a little creative and made a gratitude jar in preps for thanksgiving and weve been writing in it this last week. this coming weekl were having a thanksgiving dinner (well lunch) as a district. itllbe interesting haha... ill let you all know how it ends up.


Lilian the mute lady we were teaching got baptized this saturday. She has her whole life in the church but hadnt been baptized so we went over the lessons the best we could with pictures and what not... its amazing of how fast you canteach when they know everything and cant talk... but shes sweet and she was super happy. her dad baptized her. :)


anyway, i love ya'll . have a happy thanksgiving this week!


and remember this week you do matter and God does love you. 


d&c 64:33-34

d&c 138:58... God uses the weak. 


I love you!




Hermana HIldman

Longer Email this week Nov 17th

I am sorry I've been kinda a slack-a-lacker with writing longer emails. However, I am alive and happy. 


Somtimes being a missionary is super hard but somtimes its actually kinda fun. i think opf how i would have never met some of these awesome people, learn spanish or done some of the crazy things ive done if i hadnt chosen (and accepted) to go on a mission. Its definitely been an adventure for sure. Since last week, we had a sweet family home evening with a recent convert family and neighbors. It was fun, but simple. Wendy shared a short message about loving our "projimo"... loving our breathern as ourselves. Then played a game called "pedro, santiago and juan". then ate empanadas. It was fun. Abigail was there and she ended up winning the game so that was even more cool.


The rest of the week:

1)helped a recent convert prepare her 1st talk in church

2) bought a small cake for Melisa (our haitian investigator) for her birthday
3)Roque (a less active) came to church... Por fin! it was really cool to see him there.

4)talk to strangers invite them to church... like usual ha

5)another less active family came to church too! I was a little speachless. I had told them if they came to church i would tell them my first name. Well, they came to church so in turn they know my first name ha.

6) speaking of speachless... iw as caught off guard on Saturday. I hit ten months on saturday and i honestly wasnt expecting thing. Beukers and my comp wrote cute notes and i was totally satisfied with that. however beukers began to sing "feliz cumplemes" and i was like thanks thanks... and then i turn around and she has a cake in her hands.. (i apoligize there is no pic... because we ate it ha) but yah they had planned the whole thing. when beukers and i went running that morning she pretended to be more tired so we walked a little so they could make the cake mix. then beukers comp played sick and beukers wanted to practice piano in the church before zone meeting so i went with her... and thats when they baked it. sneaky sneaky. 

7)we had a zones activity today and played sports. Bless Hermana Beukers heart she agreed to play basketball so i could. I didnt beat her up this last time... (and to my friends/family who have seen/played with me... you know how much of a miracle that is haha) i had fun. i love basketball... im now a little sore though. 

8)oh also my comp and i the last 3 days have been coordinating our outfits... not on purpose. Hermana beukers said Molina and I have been comps for too long haha.... 3 transfers baby. I imagine though thats what marriage is like. You begin to think alike and have similar ideas/desires. (like wanting icecream and what not). but really though I feel the mission is helping me prepare for marraiage (and the rest of my life). I am continuously learning and I wouldnt give up these expereinces for the world. Missionas are hard but my realationship with God has grown so much. My knowledge/understanding about Christ has grown too. I have much more gratitude and appreciation for Him and for our Heavenly Father. They really do love us. AS imperfect as we are... they love us. 


As holidays are getting closer I invite you all to think of Christmas... Christ más.. 

thinking in Christ more. I know its not quite december and the Christmas decorations arent up like they are here but the invitation is the same.


"Come unto Christ... Come unto Him" 


A another song comes to my mind I want to share. Its a sacrament hymn "God loved us so He sent His son"


1. God loved us, so he sent his son, Christ Jesus the atoning one.

to show us by the path he trod, the One and only way to God.

2. He came as man, though Son of God, and bowed himself beneath the rod.

 He died in holy innocence, a broken law to recompense.

3. Oh love efulgent, love devine! What debt of gratitude is mine. 

That in his off'ring I have part, and hold a place within His heart.


I testify God lives and loves each and every one of us. I know it. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.



con amor,

Hermana Hildman 

Emotional Week Nov 10th

this week has been a little more emotional for me than most... i guess just with holidays getting more and more closer and what not. 


however life is good. Abigail is really progressing.


Abigail hasnt had coffee since tuesday... almost a week!! When she told me that i almost cried! She used to drink it twice a day. She began drinking coffee when she was every dominican. However she started to stop drinking it in the afternoon and just saturday she told me she hadnt had coffee since tuesday... i just love her. She is so much happier too from when i first met her. I am first hand seeing the Gospel change her life for the better. 


so when mission life gets hard i just try to focus on the the people were teaching and serving others... and its better. I feel like we can apply that to normal life too. when lifes hard.. try to help someone else. 


anyway. Im short on time but hope ya'll know i love yah and I know this Gospel truly is true and that God really does listen and answer our prayers.


Keep praying, keep praying... God's listening.


Hermana Hildman