Thursday, January 16, 2014

Departure & Beginning

Wednesday January 15th left Boise at 6:50am which made for a very early morning.  Surprisingly enough all of us were up and very much awake.  A few tears were shed by all but McKenzie who was all smiles and trying not to appear to zealous to those of us shedding tears.

Logan received an email at a little after 9pm which is midnight in the Dominican.  She had met up with 3 other missionaries.  It went like this: "I love you all. I made it safely here. There are three of us hermanas and one elder. We have already bonded its awesome. It is warm but not bad but then again its currently dark time haha. This place is fulllll of palm trees its awesome.  Hermana Stanton is in my mission and hermana Given and elder York are in the east.  I love you all!!!"
I could hear her excitement through the letter it made me smile.  I was fortunate to receive and email today from what I believe to be a senior couple there and it brought happy tears to my eyes as there were 3 pictures of my new missionary!!
I look forward to getting our first correspondence about her first week in the Caribbean! 

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