Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Dominican Republic

"The Dominican Republic is a beautiful island country located about six hundred miles southeast of Florida. The island, also known as Hispaniola, is split between the Dominican Republic on the eastern two thirds and Haiti is the western third. It is the second largest Caribbean island after Cuba. During his first voyage to the new world, Columbus had reached and explored the northeastern tip of Espanola the more Anglican name of Hispaniola.  It is here, in the Dominican Republic, where Columbus was ultimately buried and where his casket still lies, protected by uniformed guards at the very middle of the giant monument-the Columbus Memorial Lighthouse in Santo Domingo."

"For the Saints who inhabit this nation, the Lord's hand has been apparent since Christopher Columbus discovered the land. Dominican Saints believe that the country's first liberators, headed by Juan Pa lo Duarte, were inspired. Called the Father of the Republic, Duarte carried a white, red, and blue banner with the words 'God, Land, and Liberty' scrawled on it, much as Moroni did in the Book of Mormon (Alma 46: 11-14)"

"In November 1978, President Millett sent the first ten full time missionaries to the Dominican Republic." Within in a month the first baptismal service was performed on December 6 1978. "Twelve converts were baptized by eight different missionaries in a peaceful and memorable service at poolside."

"A Beautiful symbol of the pinnacle of the work in the Dominican Republic was the establishment of a house of the Lord in Santo Domingo.  The dedication of the first temple in the Caribbean-and the Church's 99th operating temple was on September 17, 2000 in Santo Domingo.

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