Monday, August 18, 2014

La Venta... my new area.

Family and friends!

hello, im sorry ive been really bad at emailing as of lately but hopefully this one is better than the last ones. 


Im now in a new area in the capitol and its.... hottt. haha. like reall but then again i was also in the coldest area in my mission so... yah. Anyway, i love my companion. Shes awesome. It was hard to say goodbye my old area, especially Carmen and her family. She gave me her ring! she told me to never forget her... agh... my heart hurts for her. i love her so much. 

my companion is hermana Molina, shes dominican living in an all american house. Te other two hermans are training. i love my new house so far. its super chill. 


our area is a lot different than waht im used to. Lots of apartment buildings (nices ones too), lots of cars, people... and heat haha. The otehr night i had to get up and get ice water to drink and fill my water bottle with it and put it behind my neck. its sooo hot.


church was fun on sunday. Lotsss of members here. its cool. There are a ton of new members... the branch has only been a branch for like the last 3 years. Our church building is a like a two story warehouse.. I liked it. Lots more orden... umm order, lots of classes, etc. Woof... however, during sacrament meeting the first counsler was announcing the upcomin talks and announced MY NAME. My comp leaned over at me and was like "I didnt know you were giving a talk, why didnt you tell me?" I was like "because I didnt know".. ha. i looked up and the branch president winked at me and i grabbed my book of mormon and went up and shared my favorite scripture and it went well. Brief talk, bu good, i think ha. 


Anyway, we have sme awesome members here and lots of recent converts. We actually had the opportunity to go to the temple on saturday because we had recent converts going. we live abou half an hour to an hour to the temple. I got to see some of my old teachers from the CCM (MTC) ad it was cool to have a full conversation with them now in SPANISH. 


The gift of tongues is real guys. I'd say im "fluent", in the sense that i can understand and speak... but im still learning and still have a lot to learn but if i dont know a work i can usually describe it. Having a latin comp has really been helping me increase my vocabulary... a ton. Im also trying to help her in english because she doesnt know very much. We plan at night sometimes in english and she reads the missionary manuel in english while i read it in spanish and we help each other iwth pronuniciation. 


anyway mybeloved loved ones. i just want to tell you that God does live. He loves you. We are not alone. Im a missionary trying to invite others to come unto Chirst, because it is only through Him that we can live with God again. Christ paid the price. I know He lives. He paid the price because He loves. 


Say your prayers, read your scripures, go to church... through these three things you'll recieve the strength you need this week... i promise.


in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, amen.



con mucho amor,


hna hildman


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