Thursday, September 11, 2014

short email this week... sorry guys. love you though! :)

Alright so this email isnt going to be super long, i apoligize in advance lol.


This week was long for some reason but not terrible. I am now over my cold I had so thats nice. 


We had interviews with the mission president and his wife. 

We've been talking to more people trying to find more people who want to listen to us.

We went to a different zone one day and went on splits to help find inactive members to see if they had moved or not and it not to invite them to the ward conference over there. That was an adventure. 

Today is P-day and we ate spagehtti as a district. (the pic attached is of me and Hna beaukers taking a nice nappy poo on the couch.)


We are going to the temple tomorrow!!! I am soooo sooo excited!


oh and im attaching another pic of a kid chilling on top of a van. haha... welcome to the DR folks... :)


Have a Grrrrrrrrrrreat week and know, please know God loves you guys! 


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