Friday, January 2, 2015

I hope you all had a great and a happy new year! Dec 30 2014

For our christmas activity we as a zone went to a nursing home and visited with the citizens there and sang christmas songs. That was a sweet experience. I visited with a man name Claudio for a long time. :)

Christmas was good. Christmas eve we were invited to an investigators home and had lasanga, rice, papeles, food... i cant remember it all. but it was good. Christmas day we made a potluck lunch and played games then skyped/talked to our families and that was weird haha... but it good. The time went by really fast. 

As a house we made a gingerbread house. hermana Dibbles parents had sent it to here. (we ate it the next day ha.. yumm)

I met an LA dodgers baseball player. He´s a brother of one of our investigators. hes superrrr tall and hes only 18! shoot... 

We had some good lessons this week. My favorite one is with one of our investigators named Erick. Hes 14 and has a baptism date for the 17th of January. 

We talked about the vision of the tree of life that Lehi has in the book of mormon. It was really cool. We explained what certain things represented and it CLICKED in his brain. I literally saw the lightbulb go on in his head. He got all excited and was asking questions and understood! He really wants this Gospel for his family too. His family is really nice and I still dont know them very well but they dont seem super interested... which makes me sad. and it made me sad to say Erick so excited and then make the comparison in the vision that lehi wanted to share the fruit with his family and some partook but some didnt. 

Life is tough. Missionary work is tough but I know that God lives and that Hes always here to help us. He can help change us into better people if we let him. 

My companion has a quote written in her scriptures that I love that goes:

¨He cannot work on what He does not have. He cannot have you, unless you give yourself to Him¨

God cant change us, help us with our weaknesses if we dont let him.. if we dont turn to Him..

I have a lot of nooks and bangs in my personality i hope to smooth out and I know I can only do so if I pray and ask God to help me. He really is our father in heaven and He can really do anything. I know He lives, I know He loves us.


con amor, Hermana Hildman

ps. Have a happy new year!! 

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