Monday, April 14, 2014

My first transfer

dun dun dun...
I am staying here with my comp! hooray!
Hna matteson is leaving and her comp is training so we'll have a new baby in the house! crazy! hopefully i can help her with adjusting to missionary life some.

I don't know why we cant have a "normal" week... We're like always going to Bani or something... but that's alright. 

I want to apologize in advance, this email is gonna be shorter than usual. But I love you guys! 

So conference was this last weekend and I hope you all watched it... and I imagine it was awesome!!! we got to see the last part of the last session on the last day... and it was in spanish but i did get some out of it.

So if you guys want feel free to mail me some quotes.. you guys can send me actual letters if you want. like in an envelope just with a global forever stamp and bam... ill get it. :)

anyway... our week went very good. Our thursday did not go at all as we had planned it but that is fine by me because i believe we taught the people Heavenly Father wanted us to teach that day. We met this girl named marisol and taught with her neighbor and came back 3 days later and taught her family and it was really cool. My spanish really surprises me sometimes... like i dont know a ton but Heavenly Father helps me teach/testify simply and in what words i do know... and the people can understand because i am not drowning them with words..because well.. i dont know a lot. And plus.... The Spirit is there. The Spirit is what converts us... Its not me. I just help them feel the Spirit and know/feel that God loves them.

Friday we had a great activity in Parra and a lot people showed up and two of the members up there helped us make popcorna and it was really fun... it felt like our ward stuff in the states when we all come together and it was just fun. it was simple but you could feel the Spirit... and just feel good. 

I love you guys. I miss you guys a lottt... but I realized this week that I want this Gospel sooooooooo bad for you guys and if I want it THIS bad i can only imagine the people here who are dying to have it for themselves and their family even though they dont know they're quite searching for it... i know Heavenly Father is watching over you guys. And i know through my efforts here He is blessing you! Ahh man...

I want you all to be so happy and to know that God loves you so much and although life is hard... The Gospel brings light, strength and hope... 

Dont lose the faith you already have... add onto it.. pray,especially read the scriptures... there is so much strength in them... and if you put time aside for them you will be surprised by how much more time you will have.

oh man. i love you guys! keep praying! 
And if you feel like praying for anyone... would you mind praying for Deilyn and Fernando... they are struggling with their families and need strength.. and pray for Carmen that she can keep praying and be able to get married so she can get baptized.. she wants it so bad!

I love you!

con mi amor, Hermana Hildman

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