Monday, March 31, 2014

I am on week 6!!!

Oh my goodness... i am on my last week of this transfer! so crazy. I should hopefully be staying here with my comp but anything could happen... so ill let you guys know next week. our district leader was saying that i could train a dominican and im like uhhhhh... and my comp said i could do it but that itd be a quiet transfer lol.

I dont know that MUCH spanish... but whatever happens i know the Lord is in it and He trusts that I can do whatever He has called me to do with His help. 

Alright so this week, for some reason it seemed harder for me than the previous weeks physically and spiritually but it was good. We played softball as a mutual activity and that was fun. my companion and I got kinda sun burnt but not too bad haha. Today we played baseball at the beach! My comp is trying to convert me to be an Escocido which is one of the baseball teams here. the two main ones are lions and tigers. lions are the escodios and are read and the tigers are blue... i cant remember thier actual name but she has actually never watched a baseball game in her life... oh bless her heart. I explained to her some basic rules about baseball today lol. Anyway.. i havent chosen a DR team yet... 

this week we got to do some service and as you guys know... I LOVE SERVICE!!! We helped wash dishes for a lady in our ward and do laundry with one of our investigators, Carmen... I dont know if I have told you a lot about Carmen... but she is so awesome. I love her and want to be more like her... So it was all on the Lord's time because we "just happened"to stop by when she was doing laundry... and i say just happened in quotes because I dont think it was by chance.... but her washer machine has just broke and she was doing laundry for 6 people... so needless to stay there was a lot of clothes so we helped wash, rinse and hang them by hand for her and it was so fun! we sang and just had a good ole time. Carmen, oh my, in the eyes of the world... she has NOTHING... but she really has so MUCH... so much faith, love and such a sweet beautiful family. She has 4 kids: Maria who is 12, Luis Mario who is 11, Marisol whos is 8 and Darbin who is 4. She teaches her kids so much  and the girls hold these "dramas"for us when were over. theyre so cute. they had a drama about helping people and then they just had one about like the basic concepts of the gospel.. like praying always, reading the scriptures, going to church... such a cute family. the only thing holding them back from baptism is marriage... which is a big issue here because its not in the culture to get married because its spendy and then once you have kids you have to pay extra for each kid you have... and this family doesnt have much but they are saving what they can for marriage... but before even marriage... her "husband"isnt a citizen of this country. His parents didnt declare his birth when he was born... and its free to do. His mother abandoned him and his dad is a wanderer so trying to find them now has been a wild goose chase because we need one of his parents to be there to declare him. So we fasted yesterday because we needed some Heavenly help and today... Carmen called us! And Her "husband", Bajijio, his dad was at their house this morning! So we told her to go get him declared... to run over there lol. So hope to hear it went well and can work on throwing her a bola!!! i think thats how you spell it... but a wedding!! ahhi i am so excited. they are so cute!!

Anyway, I am beginning to love the mission more... but it is so hard... agh... i dont want to murmur... so i wont. but its not easy, its so worth it. i am seeing peoples life change for the better and seeing them become happier through living the Gospel....
The language is still coming little by little... the gift of tongues is real, as well as the interpretation of tongues. Its not immediate  and it takes a lot of work on our part but the spanish i do know and understand is because of Heavenly Father's help. When I teach and testify, Heavenly Father doesnt give me words I dont already know... I ahve to work and learn them but he does help me better conjugate and speak more smoothly and on track. Sometimes when I start talk I start talking about something I was not planning on sharing but I just go with it because its making sense... and i am conjugating right for the most part... i am helped along the way by my comp and members but i truly believe i am helping share something these people need in my little broken spanish.

just the other day, I couldnt understand all of what was being said but a scripture popped in my head... Alma 32:27... i believe is what is is... i dont know ha... at the time it was in my head and i shared it and my comp afterwards was like wow... thats exactly waht they needed... and i just followed the Spirit.

Man Seminary really helps prepare for missions... scripture masteries are so awesome. and they are so true..,.

ay... this church is true. Saying that... I am not saying that all other churches are wrong but they only have parts. 

I love that this church... really pushes to find out for YOURSELF... Like I am out here, proselytying.. teaching the gospel but I am not condeming or yelling at people to repent and stuff... i mean record we all need to repent... but really... everyone has their agency and believe waht they want. I just know this is the chruch church and true gospel and that through it we can receive so much joy and I just want everyone to have the chance to experience it... I want them to find out for themself if this is true.

Ask God. Ask Him. He is your Father in Heaven, and He loves you.. Pray and ask him... Have faith and go to work and show that you have faith... Miracles come because of our faith...

And faith without works is dead.. James 2:17... Have faith... pray.. believe...

I love you guys so much! 
this week has been harder for me. I miss you guys a lot... but I love that companion shared with me that I am here because I want everyone here to be able to be with their families forever because i want to be with my family together... i may miss my family al ot... but this short time is worth it in the sense of eternity. life is short... so so short. and I want to do all I can in this life to be able to have so much joy in the life to come.

I have to go. But I love you guys!!

Hermana Hildman

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