Monday, June 23, 2014

Crazy crazy week.....



this was a long week and a super crazy one. my comp and i are were sickly, her more than me. she had a high fever for like a good 36 hours so we stayed in one day and she slept alllll day. then hermana glauser got sick and the other hermanas came from Bani for intercambios and it worked out that i was staying with hermana glauser so i stayed in with her and played nurse and read so that was nice.


I kinda broke down this last week though. missionary work is tough man because you love these people and want them to progress and be happy and no one has really been progressing and people say theyll come to church but that doesnt mean they will and last sunday no one in our area had come to church and then my comp and i had a blow up and so i finally just broke down one day. however, im thankful i finally broke down and cried because i felt belther. sometimes you really do need a good cry and my comp was there and hugged me and that help with mending our companionship too.


and guess what?!?! we had people at church yesterday! Gabby came with Angie! Esterlin stayed all 3 hours. Carmen came with all her kids. A less active we have been working with named Ginet came with her daughter! Fernando had came down from Parra! I felt i was leaking happiness out of my pores. i was so happy. i gave a talk yesterday on missionary work and it went really weel and ijust looked at the congregation and i thought: ï really love these  people".... I know the Lord is gonne take me out after this transfer so i want to work super hard here these next two months.


UGH!! Love is such a blessing and a curse on the mission. Its the motivator to work and its the cause of sadness when people dont progress and then when you have to leave. However... i feel so so so soooooo blessed to be here and to know/love these people.


And, really im just an instrument in this work. It really is so cool that when I do my part in reading the scriptures, praying, getting up on time, going to bed on time in general just being obedient and keeping the commandments i am blessed and led/guided with what to say and share.


This IS God's work. I know it. I am working in it.This is His vineyard I am just a laborer.


Family, friends, familia amigos amigitos! I love you! and i truly do know God does too. You are not alone. The commandments really are tools more than they are rules.


Life is hard but the Gospel helps and helps explain our meaning to life.

Ill say it over and over again... becuase its true.

God lives as does His Son Jesus Christ. I know it. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


con muchisimo amor,


Hermana Hildman

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