Tuesday, June 10, 2014

God works in mysterious ways

oh man weeks really are like years on the mission. im glad i have been good about writing in my journal this week because this week was really cool/special for me. im beginning to feel more comfortable with missionary work and loving it more. my spanish is improving and i finally feel like my personality is beginning to show through. i was able to be kind of jokeing and talk likei would have in english... but in spanish this week! 

anyway, time permitting i want to share a few experiences that happened this week.



my comp and i went to last flores this week and went to a specific subdivision with hopes in finding a member who lived there. his name is roberto and he recently has been reactivated and is strong and we think itd be good to work with him in las flores. anyway, we had no edea where he lived because hna preilser and i had never visited him so we thought we would stop by a family julio had shown us about two weeks ago first. on your way down to the house we ran into this lady we had ran into a time before. the last time we had seen her she acted as if she knew us and asked us about our families and what not. but i did NOT know her and obviously neither did my comp. anyway, so wehen we saw this lady again our first thoughts were like "shoot heres that crazy lady again"but come to find out: 1, shes not crazy and 2 shes robertos wife and showed us wehre they lived so we could stop by later. Man, the Lord sure does work in mysterious ways and His timing really is perfect.



we had a zone meeting in Bani and afterwards we went out to lunch and to "la Sirena"meaning "the mermaid"which is like the DR walmart. We always try to stop by there when were in bani and try and get things we cant get in ocoa. 

Anyway we got our shopping done and got stuffed in a gua gua to go back home when i realized i couldnt find my agenda/planner and i began to freak out because we needed to call some investigators because we were running late. so we got out of the gua gua and headed back to la sirena to try and find it. it wasnt in the locker and no one had turned it in so we decided to turn my whole bag inside out and sure enough it was there in a closed zipped pocket.. so i felt kinda dumb but atleast i had found it. so we headed back to the "gua gua station"to hitch head home and on our way over we saw a big gua gua headed to ocoa with ROOM! so we hurried and jumped on that one. There were a group of people sitting around of us and i decided i was gonna try to get out of my comfort zone and talk to them in spanish. it was kinda awkward but whatever, im awkward. anyway they eventually got off and were replaced by a couple. the one man knew some english and we began talking to him. we ended up teaching a short lesson. we think thats the reason i had lost my agenda so we could ahve had that lessonw ith him. we may have only planted a seed but it was worth it. Like i said, the Lord works in mysterious ways.


Anyway i love Ocoa and i really do love the people. and my love is forever growing. im going to be sad when i leave this area but i know i can/will see these people again.


This last week we taught Carmen and her kids as usual but also her mom! and bayillo!! (her "husband") It was so cool tohave everyone involved. we were able to have everyone aprtipate, even little Darbin. We talked about the plan of salvation and darbin wants to live in ël "sol" the "sun"... being the Celestial kingdom. Oh my goodness i just really love this family. When we left Darbin ran and gave me a hug and bonged his head on my book of mormon. i felt bad because as were walking a way i could see had a red mark on his head from my book but he yelled "te quiero!" ï love you!"and i yelled "te quiero mas!"ï love you more!".... 


I truly truly love these people. I am thankful that Heavenly Father has given me this sweet opportunity to meet and love thise wonderful people. i truly am seeing the Gospel of Jesus Christ change lives, including mine. I know God lives and He loves us. I know He works in mysterious ways at times but He is all knowing and He loves us so we can trust Him.


I love all of you and truly know God answers prayers.



Con muchisimo amor,


Hermana Hildman

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