Wednesday, July 23, 2014

El chikungunyah... ya no puede caminar... dun dun dun

Well this last week my companion got chikungunyah so she was down pretty much all week so  we did some intercambios (which i think translates to companion exchanges). I went you half the day with the relief society president, Angela. Shes 100% dominican... GUYS! i went out with someone who knew NO english. It went well too! Shes awesome, my spanish is improving. im told i need to be more confident when ispeak.  so ive been working on that. yesterday in fact we takled to some guys on the street and they kept directing their questions at me... either its my confidence or... i was a little more attractive? haha jk... my poor comp was covered in a rash, poor gal. she probably just looked exhausted. but my comps been a trooper. I dont know if any of you know what chikungunyah is but i heard a rumor its in the states but i dont know. 


something ironic is  just last p day my comp was writing her email about the people here arent smart about the chickungunyah and wearing repellent, etc and then that night she got it ha... but anyway it sucks. i havent gotten it but my changes just greatly increased since 3 of the 6 hermanas in our house have now had it.


it consists of a fever, pain in the joints and weak areas (like if youve broken anything it attacks that area). it gets to the point that "the victim".. dun dun cannot walk really and they start to feel better and get this nasty rash all over that looks like hives and their hands and feet swell. I imagine if it hits the states you guys will get a vaccine for it. 


well anyway, now that you are all informed... ha.. im sorry. a lot of my week conisted of nursing my comp back to health and doing intercambios to keep the work progressing.



speaking of the work we have two baptism dates set with two young girls named gabby and yoelis. Gabby is really excited about the book of mormon and is 1 nephi 10 now. however they werent at church yesterday which is always a huge bummer... 


However patricia (which honestly i find that name wayyy prettier in spanish than english) and her two daughters were at church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! her and her husband were sealed in teh temple but theyv ebeen inactive for several years and this last week she told us she was going to church and she came! i wa so happy and proud of her!!


Esterlin came too with his friend Ellezer. We gotta get Esterlin i the water! hes been to church 9 times now! we had set dates before but they fell through and then elarned he needed 8 times in church and he hasny been reading a ton so we havent set a new date but i hope he gets baptized before the end of this transfer!


well, i hope you all had a decent week and hope you all know i love YOU! con todo mi corazone.. and God loves you even mas. 


id love to hear from you guys! miss you!!


love hna hildman



(ps if you want to write a letter it takes 3 US stamps or 1 global stamp)

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