Tuesday, July 8, 2014


famila y amigos

this weeks email is going to be un poco diferente. I fel like sharing some funny experiences because well, they happen. I will preface them by saying they were funny in the moment so if you dont find them funny now im sorry you just had to be there.

Experience 1:

My companion and I were visiting Roberto and to start the lesson we always sing a hymn so we asked what he would like to sing... he finally decided we should sing "Jesus en Pesebre"or Äway in a Manager"in english. Anyway the first word in the song es "Jesus"... and we begin to sing it and my comp begins to go ALL OUT in singing "Jesus es mi luz"(which is The Lord is my Light).... she got really embarassed haha... Roberto was like "Wheres that song?"she replied, ïn my head"... we then started over but my comp and i had a little trouble with singing because we were trying to not laugh...

Experience 2:

My companion and I were trying to decide how many contacts we had had one day and we couldnt decide and it was beginning to get a little heated (which i realize now was dumb reason to begin to get mad).. Then my eyes began to freak out and my comp was like ":whats wrong?"and i was like "my contacts"... it was ironic...

Experience 3:

My companion and I had just gotten into the street from leaving from an appt and there was this cow tied up next in a small piece of land next to this house. My comp was like Ï dare you touch it"and of coarse I was like Ökay, what will you give me?"she said Ïll give you a Chocarica (which is delicious chocolate milk) to which i thought was reasonable and as i started to walk closer to it I noticed there was this kid sitting on the porch intently watching us two so i started to feel weird. I then decided to talk to him... and ill write the convo in spanish first because it sounds less awkward to me in spanish but then ill write it in english ha.

Ësto es su vaca?   [is this your cow?]

*kid nods his head*

Ës muy grande   [Its really big]

then we walked away.

oh man... anyway... im still my weird awkward self... These experiences were funny in the moment and i hope you enjoyed them. Hope you all have a great week and enjoy the little fun moments you have.

love you all

Psalms 100:1-5


hermana Hildman

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