Monday, February 2, 2015

The first week being a mother... i mean trainer ha- Feb 2nd 2015

So this first week has been super exhausting but super great. 

My daughers name is Hermana Larson. She is from San Diego, California and is like the sweetest, coolest, nicest person ever! i love her! Shes super tall like me and very skinny unlike me ha. She already has so much love for these people and i so intune with the Spirit. Its so awesome to see really how much the Spirit works in missionary work. Shes so good at recognizing the Spirit and pointing it out to me that I really have kinda taken it for granted.. and thought of special things as normal. but really the Spirit works and helps us every single day of missionary work and im glad she has helped me really notice it.

She shared something with me that really stood out to me that id love to share:

I dont know how the other churches do missionary work. The spirit is the most important thing in missionary work and thats the only thing i got right now.¨

The spirit always testifies of truth and truly is so important in missionary work. I love this work and know that its God´s work. Im not just going about sharing about Jesus Christ but I am truly striving to be His representive and do as He would do. I know Christ lives. I know He is our Savior. This is His church. I know that the Spirit testifies of Christ and of Heavenly Father. I am not really doing, I am just trying to bring the Spirit with me so that it can testify to these people of the truths that I know.

God loves us, I know it and i know you can all know if you dont. 


I love you all!

have a great week!

con mucho amor,

Hermana Hildman

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