Monday, June 15, 2015

Living Testimony - June 15th 2015

Well this week went by fast. Holy smokes. Last tuesday i went to the Christofer Columbus park with those who are ending with me (those who are in the capital). It was really cool. A lot of walking in the heat but i learned a lot. I learned a lot about the catholic church too which was cool. Ive always been curious about the catholic religion and i found it very facisnating about all the symbolism they put in their church and cathedral construction. 

 This week was good. We are getting to know a lot new people and finding new investigators. Our 7th day adventist investigator Jose came to church yesterday. He liked it all except for one talk about the sabbath day. A member stopped by him and took him to church. Hes in Alma with his book of mormon reading. Slowly but surely were getting progression with him. Once he receives his own testimony he will be SOLID.

We also have a new person we just met a couple days ago named Antonio. We met him off the street and invited him to church. He said he would go. and he actually did come.. like he said he would. what?? He really liked it and we invited him to the movie activity at 6 later that evening and he came to that too. He really liked the church and wants to come back. So cool!!! This is why we talk to everyone... 

So before i send this off I want to share with you something that really touched me.

 Saturday we had planned on having a zone meeting in the morning but friday night at like 11pm they called us to tell us it was canceled. So the next morning we didnt have any plans secure. So we made some plans but all those plans fell. We were walking and I was like hey Miguelina lives over here we should go visit her. Shes an active member but shes a little physically disabled. I thought we could possible serve her. We get there and it was as if she was waiting for us. 

 I had never visited her before and she let us in and just showed us around and shared all these pictures and what not. We shared a message with her. She really is a woman of great faith. She has suffered 3 strokes so it is hard for her to speak. She said she couldnt walk nor speak like 5 months ago. She still has trouble speaking but she can walk and write. She is a walking miracle. She showed us she practices her writing by writing scriptures and she said she is currently in Moroni, the last book in the book of mormon. She really is an active a member and super sweet... but towards the end she kind of broke down. She got frustrated with trying to speak. She just out of frustration said that all she desired was to be able to speak clear so she could share her testimony.

I thought... how many of us who CAN speak dont; dont open their mouths and share the gospel. share a short testimony of truth with those they love. 

 However, she may not be able to share her testimony with words... but she sure does share it with her actions. 

 I invite all of you to open your mouth and share your testimony with someone this week AND.... be a living testimony. Live that what you say and believe. 

 This is Christs church and it is worth all the struggle and strife we expereince in this life to be able to live as eternal families afterwards.

I love you all and hope you have a great week! Share your testimony. :) 

con amor,

hermana hildman 

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