Saturday, February 1, 2014

2 week and a few 1st

¡Hola mi familia y amigos!
I love and miss you all!
CCM life is actually gone a lot faster this last week. On sunday, we were all talkling about fast it has gone and that it didnt feel like it had been a week aflready. entonces.... (sooooo)... thats good!
I have an enter button this time while typing, ANOTHER PLUS! haha
We went to the store for the first time yesterday so that was a fun experience. We finally got to leave these walls! woahhh. And we walked through the super awesome park that is across from the street. its really cool. they have a TON of excercise equipment and swings and all kinds of neat things over there and its super bright and pretty. The store felt kinda like a Walmart/mall... like it was really huge but not set up like any store I have EVER been to... and I mean, I worked in grocery so that through me for a loop ha.
I mean its not super hectic but definiately interesting and in front by the check out stands there are like...  booths. They made me think of the booths for like car rentals but they were like vendors and one was a frozen yogurt shop. so that was interesting. and the store is PACKED... ridiculous and everythings is super cheap. I think 1 US dollar is like 43 pesos? or something... I don't entirely remember. It throughs me though because I'll pick something up and it will say like 225 and my american mind is like ahhh $200?!?! but that isn't all that much in American money... :)
the money is kinda weird. like 20 pesos is a bill made out of this pink plastic. hundreds and 200 hundreds are bills and then ten pesos down are coins. I have a few 1 pesos now and I don't really know what I can get from them... lol. a candy? who knows.
Food here is pretty fine. I am kinda tired of rice though... so thats not good. Not that it tastes bad or anything it justs gives me a balloon belly and it doesnt really have nutrients lol. so I am trying to wean myself off it.
I tried something new this last week... I don't remember what its called... I think Yaca? It was bascially like a play-do. Like, it literally tasted like that. but whatever.. I ate it. ha. I kinda like food... its a problem.
Umm... well my time is getting short! NOOOOO...
OH some of you were confused by my dearelder comment. I recommend using the dear elder if you have like a TON of questions for me... because the printer doesnt really work so I try to answer all of your questions in the 45 min- 1 hour I have to answer them.
but you dont have to use dearelder... its no biggie.. but if you do make sure its sent to the MTC.
Umm... my last thoughts?
The Dominican Republic is beautiful.
I love the people already. My companions are awesome. I have been so blessed thus far and the Lord seems to blessing all of you as well which blesses me with comfort and ahh... calms my heart. Missionary life is hard but its so worth it.
If you have any questions regarding faith... PRAY... for real.. and then "do your research"... read the scriptures..
Prayer is two way. Heavenly Father usually answers us through scriptures or other people but he answers us!
I know it! I love prayer.... I love el Evangelio.
Yo se que la iglesia de Jesuscristo de los santos de los ultimos dias is verdadera. yo se que el Libro de Mormon es verdadero y es la palabra de Dios. yo se que con nuestro Padre Celesital podemos hacer todas cosas.
en el nombre de Jesuscristo, amen.
Keep the faith!
Haz lo justo!
I love you all! :))
Hermana Hildman

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