Thursday, February 20, 2014

Last week in MTC!!!

Soooo.... I actually made a small list that I wanted to remember to tell you guys this week. What what?
One thing:
Dora the Explorer is Explora Dora and she teaches English... or so I am told haha. So that's cool.
2. My p-days will be changing to Mondays.. so my next P-day will be the first monday in March.
3. I can do the snap thing with my fingers now.. Its really big here and I guess in latin culture. It's not super loud yet but I can do it. soo yah. hopefully you understand what I am talking about.
4. Last friday we went to el campo. And my companions didn't know ANY english... so that was interesting haha. They knew how to say: "hello", "How are you?" and "kiss my hiney" haha... but I did understand a lot of what was being taught so that was good. They had me try to teach about repentance and about one of the ten commandments.. and they said I did good but it was super super basic.
But you got to start somewhere right?
Anyway, I miss you guys sooo much.
I go out in the field again tomorrow and then Saturday is my last like "school day" then sunday... is sunday and then Monday is our "disorientation day" haha... then I leave Tuesday for the mission field. Wish me luck!
I am so glad to see how the Lord blesses you. I still pray for you guys... every day.
One quote/thought I would like to leave with you guys is the quote I have been thinking about:
"Don't think less of yourself, think of yourself less"
You are worth it... and loved beyond belief.
Being a missionary is hard because you are away from home/family/comforts of home and you are being put under pressure that youre not used to.. like learning a language and with companions allll the time and its not easy. So it's easy to get in the rut of woe me and man no body likes me no one cares about me... etc etc.
But, thinking more of others ultimately makes you more happy.
I can't think of the scripture exactly.. I think it's in D&C 18... verse 15? Talking about those who bring but one soul unto God great is their joy... sorry I am paraphrasing. you should look it up. But really. When we are in the service of others (Mosiah 2:17)... we are in the Service of God and God wants to bless us and He DOES...
I see it everyday.
You can too.
Look for the little tender mercies and and think of yourself less and help other people.
The gospel is true. God loves you. Jesus Christ loves you.
I love you!
I pray for you!
Hermana Hildman

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