Monday, February 10, 2014

Half way through the MTC

Oh my holy cow,
I am halfway through with the CCM... like its crazy to think that but also like "about time".
I am sooooo glad to hear the Seahawks won. I heard they won a couple days ago but I didn't realize how much of a blow out it was until today... holy moly. that is ridiculous but so awsome.
The CCM is well nothing too exciting... ha my days blur together. I get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, personal study, companion study, then class, then lunch, then class, then service and excercise time, then dinner, then class, planning, prayer, bed time.
We currently have two investigators. Cleirra in the morning and Victor at night and we have taught the latinos a few times at night.
I teach with one of my companions and my other companion teaches with Elder York. My companion I teach with is Hermana Stanton and she is super smart when it comes to spanish. She gets frustrated easily and think she doesn't know anything but she knows soooo much and her pronunician is amazing. my sentences are pretty basic and super slow and sound like a white girl... oh wait. I am a white girl ha.
I do love spanish. It is pretty. I just wish I understood more but then again I have only been here 3 weeks... like what? I didn't know this much spanish in 3 weeks when I took it at school. I have only been here 3 weeks and I am talking/teaching people in spanish.
Tomorrow we're going to the univeresity again to do some contacting and talk to REAL people again and that should hopefully be better than it was last week. Last week went well but it still is imidating because we really don't know of what other people are saying. I think it was Sister Given who made the reference to the Madagascar movie that we're kinda like the penguins... we just smile and wave.. haha.. but we more like smile and nod. For all we know they could have said we were polyamists and what not and we wouldnt have known... however, we do have this amazing thing called the Spirit and I hope it would help us in knowing something was up.
The Spirit is the teacher for sure. When I think back for myself when I was taught by the sister missionaries I don't remember a whole bunche of what they taught. I remember they gave me some scriptures and what not but I mainly remembered how I FELT. The Holy Ghost testifies of truth. It makes you feel calm and at peace. I love the Holy Ghost.
When all else fails in our lessons we just try to testify in spanish the best way we know how.
here in the DR it has been raining a lot. I think they said we're in the rainy season now. As we were walking back from the temple it had just rained and the smell is weird. The best way to describe it is Corn nuts... so in other words.. not my favorite smell haha. but its all good. It is way pretty here. And I love being able to see the temple from my room. It seriously takes like 5 min to walk in the parking lot to get there. :)
Well I love you guys mucho!
I didn't mean to discourage you guys from asking me questions, you so can and plus we just got new computers so I should be to print them all.
I love you. I know this church is true and even though I am having a harder time adjusting to missionary life I am doing the best I can. "Life is hard and then we die" as one of my bisops used to say haha... but really what is so great about the gospel is we learn that there is so much more to look foward to after this life. I mean.. I am not discreting life, we are here for a reason I am just saying try not to focus so much on the unfair things and enjoy the time we have here and look forward to the future..
You're in my prayers, keep me in your prayers for the gift of tongues.
Love you!
Hermana Hildman


  1. Wendy! Thanks so much for doing this blog for McKenzie! I enjoy reading of her adventures!!!

  2. It is my pleasure I just need to learn a little more about blogging as it is pretty plain at the moment. I hope once she is out in the field she will send more pictures so we can see more of the island.