Tuesday, September 16, 2014

8 months......Sept 15th

KLK. Hey family and friends,


I had a great week this week. Tiring week but it was good. my companion and i contacted demasiado... a ton. we hve a few people who we think would beinterested in learning more. :) 


one cool experience i want to share has to do with how neat it is in how God is aware of us. We were contacting in one of our areas where we have no progressing invesigadors. we go to an apartment building (after having contacted a few houses before) and use the he intercomn to beep. One responds and asks wo it is but before we can respond the door is unlocked, we say thanks and walk in. We very quickly were met by a little boy about 8ish. He then runs back up to the house so we follow up after him. We then hear people inside the house ask who it was. He's like I dont know. So we are in the front of the door and they invie us in in, have us sit down, ec. It was like we were kinda carried in.. .like pushed in to the house. it happened really fast. 

We introduced who we were, asked who they were and just started having a natural conversation,. come o find out the one lad: Rosemil knows quite a bit about mrmons because growing up she had a good friend who was mormon and she would go to church with her. The other lady: Francisca (rosemils mom) is always open to hear "the word of God". Anyway we shared with them. It was cool. One thing I though was really interesting was what Rosemil said before we had left. She said she never lets anyone in she doesnt know. however she thought maybe we were her brotherinlaw and then her son ran down and it just happened so fast.She wouldnt have let us in but I truly believe God wanted us to visit this family. 


Anyway i was not expecting to be let in. Alwas hoping but never expecting. Just hoping that everyone we talk to will just give us two min to hear us out. 


Well, I thought this lesson we had was cool. I truly believe God brought us to this family. I dont know if much more will come from this family (while im here) but i believe we needed to be there. We are going to visit them this coming week. ill let you guys know what happens. :)


As for the rest of my week, it was good. I have learned my companion and is biggest strength (or helper) is laughter. When were laughing, were happy and were full of love/happiness and can teach with the Spirit because theres no contentions to scare it off. Hermana Molina and I have become good friends. were kinda goofy. One da she wanted to see if we could put our fists in our mouths and come to find out... i could. not flattering to say the least so im not sending pics haha... but i discovered another weird talent i have.


she also had me try chips and crackers with ketchup... gross right? wrong.. it was actually kinda good haha... so weird.. maybe ive been here too long :p


we have tried coconut icecream bars this last week and shoot man theyre divine... i really like coconut. we helped a member grade some coconut tis last week and its not super hard, just gotta be careul to not cut yourself... too much, ha. No one likes bloody coco.


anyway, hna beaukers and hna mayfield tried malta morena this alst week (a dominican drink...which is not super tasty) so that was fun to watch.


Anyway, this was m week. I hope you guys had a great weak and know i love you! I know I dont share EVERYTHING or a lot some weeks and my time is short right now due to losing power twice since ive been in internet... but i just want to leave with my testimony that even though missionary work is hard. It really is worth it because the church is true. The more i learn the more it just makes sense. The bible and book of mormon are true. This is Christs restored church, and really... if someone wants to know for themself it its the true and God's only true church... or if there is only one true church... Well they can know.. they can ask God Himself through prayer... and i promise.. promise promise promise He'll answer. Isnt that neat? I know God loves us, that we are His children. 


I'm not here to convince the world, I'm here to invite the wold to discover the truth for themself because thats how i gained my testimony: being invited, being befriended, excercising faith and trusting God. I know this is church is true and I know, if you dont right now, you can know too.


Love Hermana Hildman (JAMES 1:5)

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