Thursday, September 11, 2014

Acia was baptized :)

Okay... i sent a lot of pics to my mom so they should be placed on my blog soon ( so i hope that is sufficient in my quality of writing because my time is superrrr short right now but this week was a good one. it went by really fast. 


We went to the temple this last week and it was sooo great. i seriously love the temple. 


Acia, one of our investigators, got baptized this last saturday. Shes sooo cute. Shes like 56ish. Short round lady haha. Shes cute. She was so so happy at her baptism i loved it! the day was the rough one but her baptism was definitely a highlight! 


Today we had a huge zones activity playing all kinds of games and it was super fun.


It's been raining like usual but not super bad. however yesterday we were stuck inside for 2 hours because it was wayyy too strong to go outside. but that was really the only day that it really rained like that. we thought it was gonna rain super crazy one day but it didnt. just a little and i had my umbrella. 




As for the main message i want to share before having to get off is that life can be become really routine and we can be doing all the right things... and still be sad. Still feel alone. I had a great experience that just help lift my sprirts. It was yesterday coming home from church. It was fast sunday which never really helps with being the most cheerful person (im sorry.. .but its true).. and i just wanted to go home. I had felt invisible and i couldnt really help participate in church and i was just feeling super lowwwww. We came home and i just layed down and had a good long talk with God... i cried and just vented to Him. It was really good for me because i really dont like to vent to the people in the house or in my journal because i dont want to be negative or bring others down, but we can ALWAYS vent to God because He's always listening and He gives the best advice and gives us comfort.... Hes the best source to go to and I really relearned that yesterday. 


Please remember God loves you and He really is listening. 


I love you guys sooo much! 

have a great week!





Hermana Hildman 

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