Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Transfers came... SURPRISE - Sept 29th

What happened this week? haha this week for me is kinda a blur. I am glad i wrote in my journal for that reason.. .shoot! ha... I feel like that happens though when transfers come. My mind just keeps thinking on that.


So big news... im packing. well actuall our whole house is. Well hna burley is ending her mission so shes packing to go home. Her comp is being transferred somewhere else in the captital and the rest of us four are staying together but we're switching houses with the elders in the zone next to us. So we're whitewashing... sort of. We're gonna show our area to the elders and they're gonna show theirs to us since we live so close. but yah... a complete elder area is now getting hermanas and a complete hermanas area is getting elders again. 


Im really excited for the new area. i will miss this area though even though i was only here for 6 weeks. the members here are so great. We also just started to teach this guy named Hamlin and he came to church yesterday! ahh! I hope the elders keep working with him. Hes really cool. We also have some other investigators that are guys that i think we'll be better/easier to have the elders teach because we cant/dont teach them alone so itll be easier for them to teach. so im excited for that. in my new area im told there are a lot of young women that have been recently been baptized so were gonna be working a lot with them so that should be good. 


Anyway, sorry this email is shorter than usual but i love ya'll and the you are Grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat! 


God loves us and He is mindful of us.


love you!


Hna Hildman

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