Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Christmas Fever Oct 20th

So i feel like October has flown by. I already have Chrismas fever! however i think its because Christmas starts early here. two weeks ago decorations were on sale at La Sirena and about every night i feel im seeing more and more lights up. Christmas in the DR is their next BIG holiday so they start getting ready for it i guess in october ha. So i feel like its super close! i will hit my bday, christmas conference around that time, christmas and ill call home and then ill hit a year.. and i can only imagine those last 6 months will just fly. 


I mean... shoot. Im in week 5 of 6 in this transfer here in my new area. I love my new area. On sunday we had 4 investigators at church! and the best thing is we didnt sit next to them at church BECAUSE they sat next to members and the ward just welcomed them in. it was so awesome! Im seeing "success"i guess you could say but i also see is not me doing it. im just a middle man.. like a iniciator.. no a support/push. a witness. a witness that God loves His children. Im a witness that He calls and sends missionaries to strength and uplift them.


This last week we a conference with about 60 other missionaries (us 4 being the only hermanas). Elder cornish who is the president in the 70 of the caribbean and the mission president and their wives were there. 


Anyway, reeling back to the conference. President Nuckles shared my fav scripture (alma 26:12) and asked how it applied to missionary work. I replied saying that its not our work and really we cant do anything without His help. He was like its not your smile? or your charm? I said no. and its true... were only along in the process.. its the Spirit that testifies the truth of the words we say into their hearts. were only instruments.




Alright quickly, things that happened this week;

1. I hit 9 months (halfway mark)

2. Conference

3. a 5 year old told my comp (whos dominican) she looked like she was from hawaii and that i looked like i was from San Cristobal (aka the DR haha)

4. I got told i speak too fast... what? never thought that'd happen, especially from a Dominican.

5. I got asked, scratch that, i was announced as the first speaker yesterday in church. SURPRISE! always me... ha. however, the promise in doctrine and covenants is ture. In the moment most needed words will come. They came. a scripture popped in my head. a little nervous but calming at the same time. Nervous because i hadny prepared anything but calm because i felt the Spirit right beside me.

6. we went to the ruins today


okay sorry this email was scattered.. welcome to my brain ha. but im happy. im tired and i love you guys! i know God lives and loves you.


Have a great week!


Hermana Hildman



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