Wednesday, October 1, 2014

First week in Villa Aura II

Alright so this has been like the weirdest week of my mission life.

monday (pday)- was super chill. it was hna buhrleys last day and we threw her a surprise little party with empanadas and ate some no bake cookies

tuesday- hna burhley and mayfield left for new adventures. burhley homeward bound and mayfield off to the yuka. we spent all day cleaning and packing and then went out for a few hours.

wednesday- we waited a long time to move to our new house (the elders old one). to pass time we slept, played cards, read, slept, ate, etc. Finally we got moved... well taken to our new house. Well, we were super saddened/upset when we got there. Remember how i mentioned we cleaned like all day? well we left our house BEAUTIFUL and came to a house that wa far from it.. however i feel so thankful that both the assistants and office elders were there to help and the old elders to help us clean it all. so wednesday we spent another day cleaning. (12 of us)

we showed the elders our area so they knew members, recent converts, and investigators we were working with.

they showed us around their area.

Saturday- in the morning we went out with the elder to see our NEW HOUSE... well i say new house because i want it to be. it was super nice. the day we moved into our new house we were told we were gonna move no more than a week... so that wa nice.. they dont like us living above the guys who live below us so they want us out of there pronto so we should be moving sometime this coming week so a new place.

then the rest of the day we went out on our own and didnt get too lost.

Sunday- our first sunday. church was awesome. it was ran very punctual.. which is rare here in this country so that was cool. we had a meeting with the bishop and other leaders on how to help the ward and it was super cool. then the bishop and his wife went out with us for 2 lessons and it was great. We ended up visiting who needed our visits.

Anyway, so that was my week. out new area is HUGE... and full of hills. butt work out for sure. Its also full of some mixed feelings. Some are super excited to have us hermanas here but also some were attached to the elders... they havent had hermanas here in over 10 years.

so yah, im excited to work in this area though. We have a lot of area to cover and i hope a lot of work.

Work work work... its hard. however, i recenrly rediscovered a quote i have that says: "if it wouldnt be hard, it wouldnt be worth it".

its true. have to really show Heavenly Father how willing you are to help His children. He loves them and doesnt want just anyone toiling with them. He wants hardworking, obedient missionaries to teach His beloved children because only through those kind of missionaries can He teach them the Gospel. Those kind of missionaries teach with the Spirit, which is the key to missionary work, the key to teaching in the way God wants.

I know that this is God's work and that the only way to really have success in helping people come to Christ is relying on God to do so. I know im not a perfect missionary but i really do want to help people be happy and the Gospel is the greatest joy ive received and i want to share it.

I love you guys and i miss yah but the time is short until i see you again.

con amor,
hermana hildman

ps. General conference is next week! im so stoked!

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