Friday, October 10, 2014

Conference Week Oct 6th

I had a really good week (and took a lot of pictures.. you guys will have to check my blog for them.

some highlights this week:

1.tried my first tubi. aka a weaving cap. all the dominicans wear them. i like to use them (only in the house of course) when its really hot. i like it too because it prevents kinks in your hair.. unlike just pulling it up with hair ties.
2. we made dumplins.. dominican style yummy.
3. had a really cool lesson with a new investigator named Elizabeth. She had a lot of questions and actually had read the pamphlet we gave her... shes really interested.
4. my comp hit 9 months... haha youll have to see the blog for those pics
       (stay tuned for this picture)
5. contacted a mute man.
6. made cinnamon rolls with hna beaukers for conference.
7. General conference.
8. ate lunch at bishops with his family.
9. oh a i tried a china. its technically an orange but instead of calling it naranja they call it china because if its called china its ready if its naranja its not ripe. also theyre green here. i like them though... but more in a juice... less work on eating it ha.
10. i got mail!.... always wonderful.

alright, so i feel a lot of people are going to talk about conference so ill be brief. i thought it was cool there were a few speakers who spoke in their native language. spanish was the coolest because then it didnt have to be translated. huge martinez if the the 70 who talked is the 2nd counsler for the carribean... aka my area lol.

i also discovered that richard g scott translates his owns talks into spanish so that was neat.

as for talks i liked, its harder to follow in spanish than in english.. go figure right? however, the overrall theme that i picked up on is that we live in hard times. were going to have rapids, however we have the tools to secure us, secure our safety so we can get passed it.

2.following the example of Christ
3.establishing strong families by doing things together
4.recognizing whats more important (fruit or prayers? see talk by l. tom perry)
5.going to the temple.
6.following the prophet. (d&c1:38)
7.listening to the holy ghost
8.loving others
9.strengthening your testimony

i love conference and feel so blessed to have had the change to watch it but more importantly i feel blessed knowing we have a living prophet today to guide us.

he really is a prophet of God. I have prayed and received a wtiness to my heart that he is Gods prophet. It wasnt anything big, i just wanted to know if he really was because i believed he was. One day (before the mission) after having prayed to know.. i was listening to a few lds talks. when i heard his voice... the spirit bore withness to me in my heart that he really is a prophet.

im no scholar or anything nor know a whole lot but i am tahnkful to know a few truths.

one being, i dont know nor do i need to know all things because God does. And just like it says in Isaiah 55:8-9, God's ways His thoughts, are higher than ours. He knows... whats best andw e can trust Him because He loves us because we are His children.

ive had it mentioned to me before that no one really knows fopr sure if theres a God or wahts going to happen untilo we die and find out. However, i feel if we have that kind of mindset were going to come face to face with God and either be like "i didnt know" or "i always believed.. but i never knew". to which i feel He would say in a loving fatherly way... "why didnt you just ask me?"

I'll admit... asking is much easier to do than receiving an asnwer, but i promise you that youll always receive an answer. sometimes its not in a way you expect, sometimes ita not a yes of no answer. but when we pray wanting to know with real intent.. God will answer us.

I love the scripture found in 1 Samuel 16:7 that says "..for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart".

God knows us. He knows our intentions, our dsires, our fears, our doubts, our weaknesses, our strengths... and He loves us all equally because we are all His.

At times that statement has troubled me. How could He love me the same as a murderer, a cheater, a robber? or how could He possibly love me the same as the prophet, Jesus, or Mary?

Because we are His children... all of us. It doesnt matter what weve done or will ever do... His love is always there. always. Hes only waiting to bless us. .. were the ones that push Him waway but He's only ever an arms length wawy because thats only as far as we CAN push Him.

I testify that God lives, loves us and sent His Son Jesus Christ to atone for us so we could return back to Him... if we want.

I love you all!

con amor,
Hermana Hildman.

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