Monday, October 13, 2014

Columbus day Oct 13th

Happy Columbus day! (i only know that because of my calendar)


this week was good. i really like our area and i love my comp. I cant remember when i mentioned it but i am seeing obedience really is a key factor in mission life and really, life in general. 


my comp and i have been working hard and trying to be more obedient and relying more heavily on Heavenly Father. this last week it literally felt like we were being led from house to house, meeting people God led us to. Theres no such thing as coincidences.. (sorry i cant spell that word ha)


for example we can upon an apartment building with three doors and i ask my companion which one to knock? shes like i dont care. I look at them and feel like we should knock on the first one to the left. We knock, no one answers so we slide a card underneath with our names and number and the direction.. umm address of the church. we begin filling out another card to have ready when the door opens. a middle aged woman picks up the card and we start talking to her. it wasnt long and she opened up like COMPLETELY to us. about her life. about how hard it is, how her family is screwed up and shes been praying and praying for help...

 we share words of encouragement and comfort and just help in the best way we could. mainly listening to her. She shed tears but she felt very thankful we had stopped by. she asked us to come back and asked us when church was. we have an appointment with her tomorrow. 

Another experience that happened this week was when my companion and i were on our way home and stopped at a colmado (store) so she could have food for breakfast the next day. on our way home from the colmado a car pulls up next to us and holds a bag of eggs (yah they bag eggs here ha) and tells us we forgot them. my companion hadnt even realized the eggs werent in her bag. we thanked him and felt blessed of how nice people are here. well just yesterday we passed by the same colmado and the same car pulled up next to us. this time we hadnt forgotten anything lol. we began talking to us. he speaks english because he works at a call center and begins to ask a lot of questions and talk a lot in general. I basically taught him the restoration. about Joseph Smith, God in general, etc... I say I because it was english... which was weird because im so used to teaching it in spanish that i actually had to translate it from spanish to english in my head. never thought thatd happen lol. anyway he asked if it was a coincidence that we met and i told him i didnt think so. that really things happen for a reason.

i do truly believe that. That God, our Loving Father in Heaven is control and that He has a plan for us... and that "His ways are higher than our ways". That we really cant even begin to imagine how it all works.


God is real. God loves us. He hears our prayers. He answers our prayers, it's usually through other people He meets our needs but he takes care of us.


I am so exhaused and its crazy to think i'm only halfway through because i feel so old and achy... but its worth it. we we are obedient and work work, relying on God.. He guides us in the right way.


I have a quote on my desk I like that reads:

"when we focus our efforts on helping others, we're joyfully exhausted instead of irratingly tired."


this is God's work. He's in control. I love and trust Him. I'm not perfect but i'm striving to be.


I love you all! 


<3. Hna hildman 

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