Monday, April 20, 2015

New Beginnings April 13 2015

Alright so this highlight of the week for me was the baptism or Loriel and Lorenzo.. aka the familia Ramirez Sanchez.

They are so so so great. I love them so much. Rosa bought my comp and I  plaid shoes. She later asked the other hermanas for their shoe size and bought them some too. 

She said you guys are far away from your family so were your family here. 

I just about cried. I love her. We now refer to her as Mama Rosa. 

The baptism was awesome. Rosa shared a message and Lorenzo started crying. She talked about how now theyre preparing for the temple to be an eternal family.

Lorenzo and Loriel shared their testimonies and it was so cool.

Loriel said he didnt like the mormon church before but that when we came to visit there was something different about us. He felt good and when he came to church he was filled with a positive energy.

Lorenzo shared about how we first met him in the corner with a friend of his and he was telling us to visit his wife and daughter because they liked the mormon church. He never thought he would be the one joining. He said there is no such thing as coincidences. I second that.

I unfortunately was not able to attend the baptism of Carmen but I am thankful I was able to be there during the process. This work is true. It is the work of salvation... the most important work out there. I am no perfect servent but I really want to do God´s will and help everyone. We truly are brothers and sisters. I know that God lives. I know.  

Life brings so many changes and change is not easy... but I know as we rely on Heavenly Father and His plan... everything will be alright.

Transfers are coming up this next week and I dont know what will happen if I am going or staying... but most likely will not be with hermana Larson anymore. It makes me sad to think about it because she has become one of my best friends and a sister. I love her. She has helped me become a better person and we have seen a lot of miracles happen here in San Juan.

I love this church and I am so thankful for it in my life.

¨Time brings change and change takes time¨- mindy gledhill

no matter what happens, God´s in it.

I love you all and know God loves you too.

Have a great week and talk to you all next week Monday!

with much love... muchísimo amor 

Hermana Hildman 

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