Monday, April 20, 2015

Well I hope you all had a wonderful easter! April 6th 2015

Well I hope you all had a wonderful easter!

Our week was a little strange. I kind of fell ill one morning but received a blessing and felt fine going out in the afternoon. So it was a strange thing but all is well now.

A lot of people celebrated easter here. They celebrate a lot by chilling in kiddie pools, drinking, eating sweet beans, and with lots of family. I was explaining to Rosa about some of the traditions we do in the states... and hiding and coloring eggs seems like such a strange concept to me now. 

Anyway, Rosa shared with us sweet beans and i actually do like them. chaka though i dont like as much.. but not bad.

It rained a lot this last week which was kind of nice because its really starting to warm up down here. One day it just rained like ALL day... and we were stuck in one of areas which is just dirt roads and it was like mini rivers... and i totally fell and got so muddy. Luckily we were by Rosas and she gave me a skirt... but i felt like an old domincan woman because i was mixing patterns. I had a lined blouse with a flower skirt... oh it did not match at all haha... but it was nice to have a clean skirt and i only needed it for another hour.

We also had general conference and it was so wonderful to hear such wonderful council. They talked a lot about marriage and family and really they are such important topics. (plus when they mentioned the temple in Haiti i almost cried... i love haitian people so so much)

I truly love the gospel and know its the only thing that can help us in such a chaotic world we live in. 

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful upcoming week and know that Heavenly Father loves you!

con amor de la República Dominicana

Hermana Hildman 



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