Monday, April 27, 2015

My first week in Quisqueya - April 27th 2015

Well its weird to be in the capital again. Its hotter too. So im getting a little more dark ha.


I love my new comp. hermana Alas is from El Salvador and is a sweetheart.


I am in a ward again so thats weird ha but I am excited. Where we live we are surround my members. Its like the mormon block. Its cool though. 


We work a lot in callejones which are like houses on top of other houses... more poorer. We have some solid people though and its cool. We had 3 investigators come to church. Church was relaxing didnt have to worry about teaching everything. One of my old MTC teachers is in my ward and she remembered me. I was her last group. Crazy.


Anyway, Im sorry my letter is all scattered but I had a good week. We are working hard and giving all our all. I live in house of 6 again and we all get along. what a blessing!


I kind of feel like im in america. I have a taco bell, burger king, wendys, krispy kreme, etc... all in walking distance. and i see a lot more cars and white people. I dont know if its preparation for going home... but its making me more sad as the weeks are getting closer to ending.


i truly love the DR and to be part of the marvilous work. I miss all of you but I know will miss all of this too. I will miss all the fresh fruit, the crazy loud music, colmados, sun, tranquility, the spirit from testifying, seeing peoples lives change...


I will really truly miss being a missionary. It has been such a wonderful pleasure to serve the Lord. I can testify that He lives and that truly this is His work. I have felt the Spirit testify through and to me. I know God loves us and despite all the hardships and loneliness we often feel... He is right there through it all. He cares so much for us and wants all the best for us. 


I love you all and hope you have a great week. 


con amor, 

hermana hildman 

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