Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Im sorry I am writing this a day late -May 19th 2015

So we changed our Pday to today so we could go to the zoo! The only day they close is justo on monday so we changed our pday to go today. It was actually really fun too. They have animals I have never seen. They had Rhinos, and hippos, lemures, camels, jaguars and just the way the zoo was set up was really cool. its basically ALL open... like the only ones really caged away were the lions, tigers and jaguars... and some birds of coarse but like everything else was really open. it was cool.

i saw red deer? i didnt know that existed. All kinds of cool animals from all over the world. I will try to send some pictures. 

This last week I did splits with the MTC. These hermanas are going to puerto rico and santiago... so not our mission dang. I went out with Hermana Gubler. I have never gone on splits with the MTC so it was interesting. It doesnt feel like its been that long since i left the MTC but it really has. Hermana Gubler was really excited but super nervous about leaving into the mission. Little nervous about speaking and didnt understand much. and I was like woah... I have come along way. However, it was good. Young missionaries have a special spirit... Greenie spirit. We get sent out here not really knowing anything but trusting all in God... and really Hes the only one that can help us in this work. 

We also had zone conference this last week and it was really good as well. One thing that really stood out to me was focusing on the Restoration. We as missionaries, im guilty, are so slow to get to the ´meat´of the message we carry: about Jose Smith and how the church has been restored. That there was apostasty etc. That really hit me. Because really it helps us also measure if they the people we visit are truly interested as well. Plus, the first vision brings such a strong spirit. I know that this church is true. I cant deny it and I will never deny it... and I want to be firm forever in the faith because i know that it truly brings us happiness... eternal happiness. I want to be with my family forever and I know it is possible through the restored gospel. Through those sagred covenants we make in the temple we can be sealed on earth and in heaven.


I know that this gospel is true and that heavenly father truly does love us. we go through trials but as we lean on Him... everything will be okay. Its just like a young tree growing. As we lean on that stick that helps us stay up straight we´ll make it and be strong as we keep looking up. I love you all and hope you all have a great week!!!


con mucho amor,

Hermana Hildman

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