Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lift someone :) May 25th 2015

So I was really exhausted this last week but it went by fast... but it also felt long. I feel like its all a blur now. Changing pdays really throws everything however it was a good week. just interesting.

My companion and i had to go to migration offices for her papers. We were there with missionaries from the east mission from 730 am until 130pm. that was a long day... we came home and went straight out with a member.... i was pooped.

We had english class this last week and its starting up nicely. We were teaching how to pray in english. My companion is learning really fast too. At night we almost completely speak in english. Shes going to be fluent by the end of her mission... thats the hope. :)

Sunday we finally got one of our investigators to come to church but we went to the wrong ward because he got there early! However, at least he came right? 

We had a family home evening with another family were working with and we brought another family with us and it went very well. Had another family home evening too with a family in our ward. We´re trying to leave with different members each week and just find people ready to receive the gospel. 

Im sorry my thoughts are scattered... I am tired ha. However, this is the best work ever. I know its true. I know it. 

very quickly i want to share this video

its about 9 min long and really touching.

Service truly is key... I love the quote at the end. 

 Hope you all have a fantastic week and remember the bascis


read your scriptures

and go to church.

 and try to serve someone today!

theyll help you! I love you all!


Hermana Hildman

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