Monday, March 3, 2014

Love is a Universal Language

Well first off i want to apologize... i made a HUGE list of stuff i was going to share and i cannot find it.
sad sad day.
so i will try my best to remember what i wrote.
to start off my companion is from melba idaho. her name is hna priesler. she knows michael jenkins! what are the odds. and she went to West one year. and stuff. i love her so much. she is like 5´3´´ but she doesnt feel that short to me which is weird because i am HUGE in this country haha.. everyone here tells me i am ¨muy grande¨¨ and im all like yah... ¨¨estoy muy alta¨¨ haha.. one girl told me i needed a big bed haha. its funny.

Ocoa is the area i am at and it is in the mountains and it is sooo beautiful here. we do walk through some rivers so i am glad i found hna francis´s blog before i left about crocs... which is ironic because i replaced her here... whattttt... so crazy. its so pretty. i love it. i do get cold at night though so i have made a mkade shift blanket out of my cardigans and scarfs at night... haha look at me be so handy.. haha chiste... anyway i am so spoiled here. our house is huge. we have electricity, running water, a microwave.. like woah.

oh, ps. i have hitched hiked here... not to scare you. but its was super nice because we were going to Parra which is up the mountain and we got a ride up and down... like that never happens I guess... oh man. so nice. 

We have a donkey that lives next door and those creatures are noisy... `ps

One of our investigators looks like Uncle Derek... but like a younger, darker version haha. His name is Dailyn and is so awesome. He believes in the church and is going to all these activities and i invited him to be baptized (in spanish... what) and he said he would prepare but doesnt know he´ll be ready. but at the rate he is going.. he will be ready. he said when he commits to something he fully commits and i undestand that. but he keeps excercising his faith and he recognizes God´s hand in his life its so awesome. 

My spanish is coming along. The other day a guy asked if were were from Argentina... and we were like no we´re Americans lol. So i mean I guess that´s good right. I didn´t talk all that much so i think he was speaking more about my companions but he did say you guys and just just one of us... so theres hope. maybe ill sound like a latina soon woo hoo. 

We went to a waterfall today with the zone and that was fun. i got to hold a bat... a real one. i felt kinda bad but it was super cool. i hope to send you all these cool pics soon. oh and my bug spray is so awesome against mosquitos but there are these flies.. i think thats what it is anyway... my leg got attacked which is okay... like they dont itch but it was weird..

funny experience and tender mercy... so we get hard cover book of mormons to carry while we are out and my companion asked me to turn to mosiah 18 and it wasnt there... i am missing 50 pages in the middle and have mosiah 1 through 11 twice in my book... oh man i am glad i found that out now before i started to decorate my book and mark it and stuff holy moly. what a blessing. 

Oh man oh man... God is so real and loves us. I haven´t been out in the field very long.. not even quite a week and I cannot deny that this church is true... because I know it is. I have felt the Spirit so strong. This week we were teaching a family about the Restoration and (mind you I dont really know these people) and i felt this strong love for them... like i love all our investigators... and im like shooot i dont even know these people.. but God knows them and loves them sooo much and is so excited that i am here teaching His children. anyway... we were teaching this family and i taught right along with my companion and testified and i literally felt like i was glowing... like on fire. and the words i were saying were not my words... the mom started to cry and hugged me afterwards and thanked me adn it was so neat.  hna preisler and i were walking back and were like on cloud nine... we were like there is no way you can deny the truth of the church.

oh man guys.. i love  you so much. this church is true. i feel like i have been out forever. my companion and the other two sisters i live with all get along and click and its great. i am learning so much... like ¨veo veo¨ which is like eye spy.. and i love the children.

really like what my title of the email says... love is universal. no matter what. i may not be able to speak very well in either spanish or english but love is in all languages. and i seriously love these people. they dont have very much but they give all that they do have. just like waht it says in moroni 7, verse 47 charity is the pure love of Christ and these people live it.

i pray for you.
Dios le ama. 
Jesucristo es nuestro Salvador.

Hna,. Hildman

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