Monday, March 24, 2014

5 semana!

Hola mi familia y amigos!

This week has been really out of ordinary. Tuesday we visited a lot of people shortly and invited them to the conference this last weekend. We had to end our day short though because we had to leave for Bani and we stayed the night with the sisters there. I learned how to make Tostones which is the plantanos chips things. they are really good... but super healthy ha. We made those and fried salami... Dominican cooking. haha its dangerous though so much popping oil yikes. Anyway we left the next morning for the capital to go to the temple and we managed to shove our whole zone into like a 8 passenger van. 21 people.. ah yikes. it was a like a huge snuggling pool... but not really ha. anyway we went to the temple and it was amazing. first time all in spanish so that was interesting but it was good. Met a girl there that I had been talking to before the mission so that was cool. We then had Wendy´s!!! after the temple and came home. Thursday we went to Las Flores and visited a lot of inactive members and had good lessons. They just have a hard time getting to church because of their health but they have so  much faith.
     Okay... Friday. Friday started out a little rough because the night before we were told Deilyn couldnt get baptized and we were devasted because he was so ready and was working so hard. However we called pte..(presidente) well my comp did and he okay´d it. So that was wonderful but then things just kept getting worse... We lost the church keys and spent forever looking for them because we needed to lock the church because it was all prepped for Deilyns baptism and then the zone leaders called us and said he had sent the baptism registry papers with a gua gua ( a bus thing )and we spent our whole lunch chasing this guy down and I was ¨hangry¨because we were fasting and then the guy way overcharged us and ugh... so i downed my lunch very unhappily but we met up with Emilkin our awesome member missionary guy. This kid is seriously amazing... bless his little heart. He really is like the glue of our branch. 
      Anyway, we headed over to Deilyns familiy to invite them to Deilyns baptism and they said Deilyn was home and that he was up the hill getting his hair cut for his baptism... ahh so precious!!! it really helped to lift my spirits to see him so excited. 
      Deilyn a little later had his baptism interview with the district leader a little later at the church and asked if he could run home and go pick up his mom so he jumped on his motor and went and picked her up. it was so sweet to have her there. I had said the opening prayer, my comp gave a talk on baptism then we had a musical number. We sang Nearer my God to Thee in spanish.. I sang the first verse (SOLO!!!... crazy haha) and then my comp did the second verse then the 4 of us sisters sang the 3rd verse,. 
     Emilkin baptized Deilyn, and we totally forgot to tell him to bring a towel... so we gave him a another jumpsuit to dry off with. After the service Deilyns mom said she would be interested in learning more about the church which is so cool. Deilyn is seriously so awesome! I love him! He really is like Nephi in the Book of Mormon. His brothers are involved in some not very good things but Deilyn is such a huge example and prays and relies so much on Heavenly Father. I wish I had more time to share a lot of the miracles Deilyn has had because of his faith.
      I like a verse in the Book of Mormon, Ether 12 verse 6 and it says ¨You receive no witness after the trial of your faith¨
       Miracles come AFTER our faith. 
Deilyn is in the middle

Anyway, I love you all. My week has been interesting to say the least. being stuffed in gua guas and drowning forever in spanish but its so worth it. This Gospel is true and it brings so much happiness. Anyone who is searching and wanting to know if its true can ask God, our loving Heavenly Father directly... prayer is amazing. You can receive an answer through prayer.

I testify that you can. I love you! Remember Faith is key... but most importantly faith in Jesus Christ is the Most imporant key.. Show your faith through your works.

I love you all!!!

James 2, verse 17

Hermana Hildman
Deilyns baptism his mom on the right

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