Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St Patrick’s day

so i kind of wanted to tell you how my week went.

mon' one of our investigators Carmen and her ´spouse´ agreed to a date to get legally married. and we actually had our first lesson with her ¨spouse¨... hooray´
Tuesday' we went out the elders quorum pres and met some new people. one girl was a teacher and i could like understand all she was saying because she was speaking really clear which was sooo awesome. 
wed'... my first zone conference... woah... that was an experience.. it was good... but we were there at the conference for 8 hours... ugh.. so much time lol.
thursday was an awesome day... we had a really cool lesson with our investigator Deilyn. i came up with the idea in the morning... and when i say i came up with the idea i dont think it was mine because it worked out sooo good. we had him start out in this room and we blindfolded him and said he first started out this way in the dark searching for God and the truth and therefore tried to find this rope. he found the rope... being the word of God... and it led to a door. the door representing baptism... then opened the door and walked in the hallway.. persevering... and then came to another door being temple covenants and then when he opened the door it was all lit up and he walked a little more and we had the room represent the celestial kingdom. he really liked the activity because he has a hard time understanding. and he said that when he was in the last room and took off the blindfold he said he know we were still there and that we were still in teh church but that it didnt feel like it and that he felt so good. it was so cool. and he is getting baptized this friday!!!! ahh i am so excited.
oh and thursday the power went out while i was doing laundry so i ended up doing it all by hand.. that was an adventure haha. 
friday' we decided to go out to eat and got sandwiches and i tried tostones which are like plantaine chips they are really good. we went up to parra with a girl from young womens and she is awesome. she is such a missionary and she was such a great addition to our lessons. she is only 15 and is so awesome.
oh and we got to do a little bit of service with peeling gualdoli... which is like peas.. that was fun. i love service.

okay saturday i turned 2!!!... two months out here... crazy. I woke up and went out to the kitchen and the other sisters had got up early and made me pancakes and cute little cards. it was so cute. i felt super special.

we went to barra (the other sisters area) and helped at their youth activity. the elders came too. there were a lot of kids and we played a lot of games. 

then sunday like a ton of the kids from barra came to church. so that was way coold. my comp had a talk in the pueblo about tithing and i had a talk in parra about pride vs humility... woah.. it was short and i shared a lot of sciptures ha... oh and the pueblo ps is like where the actual church is.. and most the members are. we also hold another short service in parra and that is where i gave my talk.oh and one of our investigator families came to church it was so awesome. the dad is an inactive member but the rest arent members. and they are so sweet. i love them. the one daughter janelca this last week we stopped by and asked if they had prayed to see if the church was true and she said she did and she felt so good and thought it was so cool that God answered her prayer.. she was like have you prayed to know its true lol... she loved church on sunday. 

church is true... like really. it is perfect. it helps us live the Gospel  which brings happiness now and to come... happiness that lasts FOREVER. Doing wahts right brings happiness that lasts. I am reminded of a scirpture in alma 41 verse ten that reads ¨Do not suppose, because it has been spoken concerning restoration that ye shall be restored from sin to happiness. behold, i say unto you, wickedness never was happiness¨.

I like this scripture and I really feel it applies so much today. The world tries to convince us that smoking, doing drugs, drinking, partying, making fun of others, etc is fun... and at the time it is.. or seems like it is.. BUT it doesnt last. it doesnt last because ¨wickedness never was happiness¨... its deceived as happiness and is short lived. 

I testify that things of God, helping others, following His commandments and living the Gospel is what brings true, everlasting happiness. 

Tough times will come... but they will come a mist the happy... and if you do whats right you will come up on top... and happy. 

In the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, our Savior and Redeemer of the world, amen.

With love,
Hermana Hildman


  1. Wendy, Do You have an address for the youth to write McKenzie letters and mail them? I also will give the address to Maria McIntyre to put in the bulletin so people in the ward can write her also. Thanks again for posting McKenzie's letters! Love reading them!

    1. Yes, that would be wonderful she loves the youth. Kathy McIntyre has it as well. Oh wait there is pouch mail that will work great for them to send to her. I don't have that address with me at work. I will get it tonight