Monday, March 10, 2014

The church is perfect, despite that the members are not

Oh man I have soo much to tell you guys! 

I´ll start off with things about Ocoa.
1. Dominoes is such a super intense game here haha... we asked the dad of one of our invesitgaroes Dailyn to teach us and they get all into it and slam them on the table and oh man... haha.
2. Yesterday we were walking to Parra and there was a baseball game going on and there was a donkey just chilling in right field... like what.. haha
3. Everyone keeps dying in Parra... I swear.. I dont know why... 
4. Oh man... the women here... and breast feeding... so not like the states... they just wip it out and im all like woah woah... culture shock there lol.

This last week I had my first zone conference in Bani.. and I bought a blanket yay and a bunch of other things... one including dominoes pizza. oh yummy. 

We are getting more creative with our lunches. Lunch is the biggest meal here so us sisters switch off with the other sisters who cook for that day. But we have had like Ramen.. meat.. and spaghettie but were getting creative. Especially because we´re so limited to meat here.Anyway. Its kinda fun. We just throw whatever seasonings we have in the cupboard in it like real chefs haha.

Anyway, My spanish is coming along little by little. my comp kinda forgets I dont understand all that much yet and I just look at here and im like ¨ayúdame... which means help me lol. And When I tell the investigatores I have only been out like a week... theyre all like woah... so thats good. I am trying to keep learning it. REading in the book of mormon helps a lot.

This last week we finally got 

For whatever reason her email cut off right there. I am sure it is a glitch as it happened last week as well

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