Monday, March 30, 2015

Exhausted, but happy March 30 2015

Dear loved ones,

 I had a crazy week of activties and not sufficient time to share it all.

We went to the temple on Tuesday, we have a new branch president, we had interviews with Presdient, we had a noche de hogar (a family home evenin) with the Ramirez Sanchez family, we taught an english class and we completed a huge goal....

our goal this last week was to contact (talk and invited 1000 people to church)... well, we did it. 1026 contacts. I was so exhausted. We literally would walk like almost all day and my mouth and tongue were literally tired from talking... it was crazy. however, it was really cool because i was doubtful but my comp knew we could do it. it took a lot of planning and writing cards but we did it!!!   now i never want to contact again ha... but really its cool of how many people we met and the people Heavenly Father places in our paths.
The family home evening was really awesome. I really love this family. Rosa, Lorenzo, Lorenni and Loreal. We taught the Word of wisdom this last week and Lorenzo said the only thing he couldnt give up is his orange juice... we told him he can drink his orange juice ha.

 this family is so cute. Lorenzo is so excited for his baptism and Loreal was asking questions about missions. ahh its crazy. I love the work.

 I recently found out that Carmen from my first area... is getting baptized on the 11th! i just burst into tears when i read that. I dont think i can go though ebcause Lorenzo and Loreal are getting baptized the same day which is so bittersweet... but i wil lbe there in spirit. 

 I love these people.

The work is Gods work and I know its true.

I hope you all have a great week!

love you!

and happy easter!

remember to think of the Savior a little more this week... 
con amor,

hermana Hildman

Before heading out for the Day

After a long day out! But a great day!

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