Thursday, May 1, 2014

alright so this gonna be short.. im sorry!

so my time is super super short! 

But this week was really good.
1. we threw a suprise bday party for Fernando and it turned into a huge water fight and it was really fun.
2. Went to Zone conference and said goodbye to the mission pres because he is moving to Canada and is leaving a month early from the mission. so transfers will be interesting.
3. Parra is forever progressing!! oh man.. i love it up there even though it really is such a trek to get up there.
4. my spanish is improving... i understand more than i can speak. so im learning to be a good listener ha
5. its getting  hotter... so im glad to be in Ocoa where its cooler.
6. We have had a lot of funny experiences this week... wish i had more time to share them
7. Esmelin is getting baptized this saturday! 
8. And Maria, Luis Mario and Marisol (Carmens kids) are getting baptized the week after!

I am so excited for all of them.

I wish i had moer time.

God really is a huge part of our lives... i am learning each day.and seeing miracles..
oh man i miss you guys a ton.
but i want to be here. I really love these people so much. and just seeing the little changes really make big changes in their lives... saying prayers together as a family... which is a small act is helping Carmen and her family and they are happier...

oh man... i wish i could just take my brain out and send it to you guys because i dont have time to write...

but know that God love you so so much.

You are never alone. Prayer is powerful. oh man... i am sending my love and one HUGE hug to all of you!!!

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