Saturday, May 24, 2014


Maria, Luis Mario and Marisol got baptized!! 

This last week we have spent everyday with this family. Maria is 12 Luis Mario is 11 and Marisol is 8.

There mom isnt 'techically'a member yet but she basically is. She is so so so awesome. 

I really love the mission. It was fun to see and talk to you guys today for a little bit.

I am sorry that the time is going slower for you guys... i am thankful that the mission keeps us busy because if it didnt i would miss you guys a whole lot more. but really our time is short and i will see you guys soon. 

I want to share a scripture with you guys... i dont know exactly how it goes in english but i will do my best to translate it. (Words of Mormon 1:8)

It says (in my translated version) 'my prayer is to God concerning my brethern, that they can return again to the knowledge of God, and redemption of Christ so that they can be a new and delightsome people'

I would recommend reading the verse in english but i like this verse because it says "once again"... The Gospel isnt new... we just dont remember the plan before we came to earth because we are to live by faith. We are not teaching something new. When we hear about the Gospel and learn more about God it feels good, sounds familiar or feels like 'home', because it is... we have heard it before. 

I love the Holy Ghost. It testifies of truth and helps guide us in our lives. Through the Holy Ghost we can know the truth of all things (Moroni 10:5)

I am still pretty joven.. (young) and dont know a lot but i cannot deny the Holy Ghost. I have felt the Holy Ghost while i have been at church, in lessons, at the temple... when reading the scriptures... i know because of the Holy Ghost that God lives and loves us.

I miss you guys a ton!
But i know this work is not just missionary work... its work of Salvation... Everyone has their agency and can live how they want but I want to help others come unto Christ and experience much more joy through living the Gospel... The Gospel truly makes life that much more meaningful... i love you guys!

keep praying! I pray for you!

con amor,

Hermana Hildman

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