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Monday, May 19, 2014 3:07 PM
Familia! as i was reviewing my week in my agenda i looked back on last p-day and remembered its been a week since we skyped. crazy.

logan you graduate this week! how exciting!

this coming week is the new transfer for us. my comp hna preisler is leaving for another great area and i will be receiving a new comp and im not training (which i feared).

This last week was kinda a rough one because it was the last week of transers and my comp and i were pretty sure she was leaving, but still not knowing for sure. uncertainity... unkown.. scary things... however we pushed forward with the work. we celebrated our dl's birthday a daty late (unintentionally) but it worked out because when we through him the surprise lunch it really was a surprise.. ha.

I hit 4 months this last week.

we had a relief society activity in Parra. we had put together little bags with pieces of candies and little heart notes and then delivered them to those sisters who werent there which was a ton but it went well. my comp and i got permission to go on splits wiith the sisters. we visted shortly and shared a short message. the activity went well but it was hard for me, i rely a lot ion my comp but it was good to have Angela (a member from Las flores, a member of the relief society in the pueblo) there and help lead. i wanted to share what scriptures and thoughts they needed but its hard because i dont know what they need not can i speak spanish weell. however, i did my best and really... thats all i could do. Thats all we can ever do.

Dear family and friends, I feel... well many things ha, missionas are like emotiuonal roller coasters... but i feel greatful to be on a mission. i have so much still to learn but i too have learned so much already. i have seen peoples lives change, inclduing my own. i am learning that change is forever constant like time. i feel like society tries to convince us that people dont change but the thing is, is we're actually changing all the time. and depending on what we surround ourselves with (people included) depends on who/what we are to become.

I was reading this morning in Alma 5 when Alma the younger is speaking about their brethern and how God had CHANGED their hearts (v6). That his father, Alma the senior, heart was changed "according to his faith there was a mighty change in his heart" (v11) and he taught his brethern and "a mighty change was alsto wrought in the their heart, and they humbled themselves and put their trust in the true and living God. and behold, they were faithful until the end; therefore they were saved" (v13)

Family i know that we need to surround ourselves with good things. However if we want to become truly better we need to do more than that. God can change our hearts but we need to allow Him. He may give us experiences that soften our hearts but really it is us that allows our hearts to soften or harden in those situations,.

There can be a mighty change in our hearts according to OUR faith, to OUR trust and allowing OURselves to be humble and to humbles ourselves before our Father in Heaven and trust Him. Trust He will lead you, He will guide you. And, as promised, if we are faithful to the end we'll be saved.

Change like i mentioned is constant so we need to be constantly walking in the right direction. Doing those things we need to be doing. Surrounding ourselves with good things, good people. It wont always be easy to do that because other changes such as death, divorce, losing a friend, etc.. will come but as we remain faithful.. put our trust in God. Lean on Him.  Call on Him. He will help us. We will be changed, little by little into something greater and then when our leife here is through, having remained faithful to our last breath, we'll be saved.

I know these things to be true, and say them humbly in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, amen.

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana HIldman

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