Friday, May 9, 2014

rainy season has begun

i am sorry about my weekly email last week. i just had the hardest time with what to write and share. it really doesn't help when i don't write in my journal every day too. but i do love hearing from you all and will always try to respond back. email time is so short so you're all welcome to send me letters and ill always respond. 
anyway in week 5 of 6 weeks of this transfer. wow. one of our zone leaders is freaking me out with transfers but liked i said last week whatever happens that's how Heavenly Father wants it and I trust and love Him.

Okay okay i am excited to tell you about this week. FIRST OFF THOUGH: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY DAD!!! Hope you had a great birthday on Friday!

Saturday Esmelin got baptized! it was really cool his brother and sister in law came too! I ended up speaking on baptism.

This week we visited our newish area and we had planned on teaching some other people but we ended up completely on the other side of where we meant to be. but i think we were gently led there. we at first were like how the heck did we end up here then we were like oh okay well Cerina lives over there so lets go visit her and as we headed to her house we asked her neighbor if she was home and then she just happened to walk up (ceserina) and so we ended up having a short sweet message with her, her family and the neighbor.

We went to Las Flores this last week and we haven't been there this whole transfer because of this new area we have. We ended up staying in Las Flores longer than planned because it poured on us... we tried leaving and then it began to pour harder so we to the porch of a less active family and she invited us in and we sang and shared a scripture with her but we kinda had to yell it because she had a tin roof and the rain was really falling hard but it was good. the rain picked up and we headed back. OH! before we left though we visited Pacheco and he is really sick but we shared a short message with him and invited him to church and he said he was really going to try but he is really like... sick... like if he doesn't do something every 4 hours he will die sick. but miracles do happen... come sunday he came riding on the back of a motor scooter upon seeing him i couldn't help but cry. This man is so awesome. Every time we have visited him i have learned so much. he has such a strong testimony but his health has permitted him from going to church since I've been here but he was able to come this last sunday. he shared his testimony in sacrament meeting and it was sweet and sincere.

So i mentioned Esmelin got baptized this Saturday.. but it almost didnt happen. Oh man... We havent had water all week in the church and Saturday was no different. WE have water storage tanks down the hill from the church so we drew some water out of it to clean the church and baptismal font. and waited for the 1st counsler to come with a pump so we could draw water out. however we hadnt heard from him and were beginning to worry so we began filling the font by hand by taking trash cans and carry them up the hill, up the stairs into the church. it was my comp and i and Emilkin doing this... it was unreal lol. but we kept working. we took a break and i got emilkin to take a 2 min break and then the 1st counsler showed up with the pump and was messing with it but it wasny working and we felt helpless and we were waiting to see if it would work because if it wasnt we were going to have to get permission to do it somewhere elese.... there was talk of doing it in someones pool and we kept praying and praying and  it was terrible. we were physically tired and hungry and spiritually doing what we could with our prayers. but it began to fill up and we ended up having a baptism! oh man... miracles.....

Then yesterday we went up to Parra and it poured rain on us again... but rain or shine we still have church. However the building we usually had church was full of people because they were dedicating the basketball court behind it so we ended up  rounding up who we could and had sacrament meeting in a members house. 

Today i am late with this email because we headed to the river with the branch and it was really fun. We played some baseball and about an hour before we were gonna leave it began pouring. 

OH man... life truly is an adventure haha... i love it though. I sometimes forget that these people here are speaking a different language because i love them so much and love... well its the same in all languages. when they start talking to me im like oh wait... spanish.. okay... what did you say? haha...

Oh man I love these people so much. And Heavenly Father loves them infinity times over..

I know this Gospel is true. We dont always know why things happen the way they do but we can always learn from the situations. Easier said than done i know...

Anyway, I LOVE ALL OF YOU! and pray for you. I know life is still hard but i promise its easier when you turns TOWARD God instead of away.... He is over all. He loves All. He wants the best for us. I know He lives and He is waiting to help... we just need to ask.

I love you!!

Hermana Hildman

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