Thursday, May 1, 2014


Alright so i dont know where to begin exactly but maybe ill start withhighlights and elaborate. 

we have a baptism coming up. we have just met him but he wants to get baptized. his name is esmeldin and he has been to church twice already and we found out he was in our area. his batptism is the 3rd of may. he lives in that "new area"we just discovered we have.

we also have another investigator named Esterlin. In our companionship we get his name confused with Esmeldin cause theyre so close. Anyway Esterlin has been to church twice now and really likes it and says he learns a lot. We havent set a baptismal date with him yet but were going to this week. he knows a lot of english so my comp and i try to talk a little in english with him but were really awkward... espeically my comp haha... i mean we speak english in our house but when were in a lesson setting.. our brains turn to spanish.

anyway update on Parra... prgoresssing!!!

We had a book of mormon class up there this week and 13 people showed up! and it was really good. our first few classes had like 1-3 peopled so 13 is crazy! church up there yesterday was... an adventure lol. so parra... to get up there you have to go down this slippery hill, cross this river and trek up this mountain. AND YESTERDAY it rained and rained and rained... my comp and i got drenched (except for my top half cause ofmy nice jacket from aunt nanc!)
Anyway we trekked up there and no one was at church... NO ONE... so we rounded up people and we ended up having a really really great meeting.

and Enrique was there!! i know i havent mentioned him.. or maybe i have. but anyway he has been struggling lateley with his faith and everythime we'd see him he was just so low and not the happy enrique i had first met. but yesterday we saw the real enrique smile! I hardly know him but i could have died having seen him there. the love i have for these people grows. i am thankful that Heavenlth Father gives me some of His love to share with His children here. and I hope they can feel it.

Missions are really hard but i am beginning to more and more fall in love with the work because i am helping bring people to Christ wehre TRUE happiness lies and never dies... 

I cannot begin to express the amazing miracle it is to learn a language. God really does help. He LOVES US! He really is our Father and wants the very best for us. This week my comp and I were taught a really neat analogy id like to share.
this man (who is a father) held his squirmy 5 year old daughter while he shared it.

He said that God is our Heavenly Father and wants the best for us and knows whats best for us. When we, His children, want chocolate He wants to gives us chocolate but He knows we also need bread, milk, vegetables, etc... He wants to make us happy just like any other father but He wants to take care of us too and knows our need of those healty things. We sometimes dont understand why we dont get things our way.. why we dont have chocolate when we want it but we need to remember our Heavenly Father is over all and He wants nothing but the best for us and he KNOWS what those things are.

Trusting in God is hard because we cant see Him but we can feel His love for us and see the blessings we have received through trusting in Him and following His council and commandments... through eating our veggies""... and listening to Him."

I testify that God lives, He is our Father in Heaven and He loves YOU.

He loves you so much and wants the very best for you. Trust in Him. Pray to Him. Thank Him. Talk with Him... He is our Father...

I know it. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Hermana Hildman

ps. I havent gotten mail yet but should this thursday.
pps. If YOU want mail... give me your address.
ppps i love all of you!

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