Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!!

First off.....

Thank you mom for the fridge (from all 6 of us hermanas)
The assistants dropped it off this last week... wooo!!!

Well this week has been an interesting one. and a hard one. I have a new companion. Her name is Hna Olsen. Shes from.... like all over the states and England but she was going to Utah State before the mission. She is almost exactly a year older than me... only off by a day. Shes been out 11 months and knows a LOT of spanish so thats really good. However she doesnt know the area or the people... and well i know a little bit more about those two things but i have had to step up a lot more and make decisions on who we should visit and what area. and We also had our area split some because we now have two hermanas in our house...

Man lots of changes... and it hasnt even been exactly a week yet and i have like its been forever.

Funny how i talked about change last week having no idea how much my life was gonna be changed. change is good but its hard because its not what were used to doing. i always try to be more postive in my emails bit its been a rougher week this week. Good things did happen though and i know it will smooth over some, its only the beginning of the transfer. Ive had to step up more which is actually a good thing. for example i have had to make phone calls. and I honestly do not like talking on the phone let alone in english and spanish makes it a little more stressful because i dont entirely understand wahts being said but if we're never thrown into these situations we cant grown and i surprised myself by how much I actually did understand. 

Learning a language is hard but learning the language of The Spirit is another language im working on too. Say for example i knew spanish as well as english, whatever i said wouldnt make a huge difference if it wasnt intune with the Spirit. There just words. However words accompanied with the Spirit make the difference. 

Heavenly Father knows the needs of His children. I dont, unless its revealed to me by the Spirit. The Spirit is so kay in this  work but its not loud and it doesnt constantly lead us necessarily. WE have to make decisions too. The Spirit will let us know if the decision is wrong but sometimes we have to make our own decisions and walk by faith. 

shoot... i dont feel this is making a lot of sense.. but i hope it does. I think thats another reason why Heavenly Father called me to a spanish speaking mission... so i speak simply lol.

Anyway, I love you. I know this is the only true church or I would NOT still be out here. I know if any of use really want to know if this is the true church we CAN know. I know that faith is not just believing but doing. I really know "Faith without works is dead".. I know God loves us and that prayers is a constant help line. I know Christ lives and this is His restored church back on the earth... 
In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

con amor, Hermana Hildman

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