Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Dec 9th

Dearest McKenzie,

 Today is your 21st birthday!  Oh man where did the time go?  It seems like yesterday you were only 2 sitting at your little table reading books upside down.  Oh how I miss those days if only for a little while. :)  I am so proud of you and the beautiful soul you have become. Your first thought is always someone else. When you where home it was always your little brother Logan, grabbing extra cookies or cupcakes and bringing home for him.  I can almost here you two downstairs wrestling or giggling about something. It always made my heart swell when I could hear you. Now as I look at the pictures you send home I see you are always smiling.  Again it makes my heart swell as I know you are happy and enjoying serving the kind people of the Dominican!  I count myself very lucky to have a special daughter as you. You always make the people around you better by either making them happy through your sweet spirit, or your beautiful smile, and definitely through your kind heart!  My prayer for you this day is that you feel the love that all of your friends, family, and ward family have for you on your special day. We love you McKenzie and look forward to hearing about all the wonderful experiences Heavenly Father has bestowed upon you these past 10 1/2 months and the 71/2 to come!  Happy Birthday Love you Sis.


Always making faces she usually has everyone else doing it as well.

Beautiful spirits to go with beautiful smiles

Forever Best Friend

Always best buds

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