Monday, December 8, 2014

Emotional Week Nov 10th

this week has been a little more emotional for me than most... i guess just with holidays getting more and more closer and what not. 


however life is good. Abigail is really progressing.


Abigail hasnt had coffee since tuesday... almost a week!! When she told me that i almost cried! She used to drink it twice a day. She began drinking coffee when she was every dominican. However she started to stop drinking it in the afternoon and just saturday she told me she hadnt had coffee since tuesday... i just love her. She is so much happier too from when i first met her. I am first hand seeing the Gospel change her life for the better. 


so when mission life gets hard i just try to focus on the the people were teaching and serving others... and its better. I feel like we can apply that to normal life too. when lifes hard.. try to help someone else. 


anyway. Im short on time but hope ya'll know i love yah and I know this Gospel truly is true and that God really does listen and answer our prayers.


Keep praying, keep praying... God's listening.


Hermana Hildman

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