Monday, December 8, 2014

Hello Everyone!! Dec 1st

hey everyone!
hope you all had a good thanksgiving :)

i had two thanksgiving meals this last week... woah.


actually a lot of free food... dang. i feel like they want to fatten me up or something ha.. nah i love free food.. that isnt sketch.


we had a thanksgiving lunch as a district and then got invited to a thanksgiving (REAL THANKSGIVING) lunch from a american/dominican family. they had turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, PIE... shoot... it was good. 


some other things that happened this week:


1. tripped over a speed bump in the dark... it hurt.

2. I had to pee really bad... and may have peed behind an apartment building in the dark... 

3. Abigail passed her baptism interview! shes getting baptized this saturday!! shes so great. last time we were with her she was like... can I go out with you guys one day? and we were like of course!!


so cool... shes not even a member yet and wants to go out with us to visit/teach others. I love her so much! shes so great! 



Anyway... im sorry my time is short today. Internet sucked at first.. and time kinda escapes me. but i love you all! have a great week!! 


love hermana hildman


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