Monday, December 15, 2014

Transfers dun...dun...dun... Dec 15 2014

soooo transfers came.. as expected.

however the transfers that came were not expected.


My comp Hermana Molina is training as well as the other dominican in our house.

SO... that means Hermana Beukers and I are leaving.

Im leaving!

Last lunch together as house mates & companions
woof... packing was stressful but its all good now.

Beukers is heading to capital capital Piantini... where the temple is.

and Where am i going?









the south!

wayyyy south....

Im going to San Juan.

Its the farthest hermanas go.

my new companion is Hermana Dibble. she just got done with training so she only has like 2 months... and today i hit 11 months.. so this is the first time ill be the older companion.

that'll be weird. but im excited. 

if i remember right i think she is from Idaho. Ill let you all know next week. 

I head off that way bright and early tomorrow.


This last week we had the Christmas conference as capital. It was on my birthday and we were there like all day. it was fun. very spiritual but also had a lot of fun too. our mission president and his wife talked about how they had gone to israel and seeing the sights there. talking all about Christ. having walked where He had walked.


then all the missionaries did a short skit with their zones. it was fun. some kinda went a little crazy... but it was fun.

ate food and visited with missionaries. i got to see one elder who started in ocoa right before i left there and it was fun to be able to talk to him.. especially since hes latin and i know a lot more spanish than i did.
Sister of the Capitol

we helped paint a house on saturday and that was fun..


my brain always blurs for transfers but it was a good week.

we as a house were kinda sicky but its all good. i think were all the better side now.

im excited for these transfers. im a little nervous. ive been with hermana molina for so long its going to be weird to be with an american again... well anyone but her. shes really become like my best friend. shes gonna be a great trainer. im excited for her. 

My companion and dear friend

The mission really is great. Its hard but there are a lot of great times.

im sad to leave this area but im grateful i have had the opportunity to be here and to know these wonderful people. 


The church is true wherever you go... even if the people arent. the church still is.

im thankful tohave the testimony that i have and to help others feel and have this great security i have from the gospel. I know God lives,. I know it. He loves us and when the going goes rough He never leaves... 


I love you all!


until next week!


con amor,

Hermana Hildman

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