Monday, December 8, 2014

Longer Email this week Nov 17th

I am sorry I've been kinda a slack-a-lacker with writing longer emails. However, I am alive and happy. 


Somtimes being a missionary is super hard but somtimes its actually kinda fun. i think opf how i would have never met some of these awesome people, learn spanish or done some of the crazy things ive done if i hadnt chosen (and accepted) to go on a mission. Its definitely been an adventure for sure. Since last week, we had a sweet family home evening with a recent convert family and neighbors. It was fun, but simple. Wendy shared a short message about loving our "projimo"... loving our breathern as ourselves. Then played a game called "pedro, santiago and juan". then ate empanadas. It was fun. Abigail was there and she ended up winning the game so that was even more cool.


The rest of the week:

1)helped a recent convert prepare her 1st talk in church

2) bought a small cake for Melisa (our haitian investigator) for her birthday
3)Roque (a less active) came to church... Por fin! it was really cool to see him there.

4)talk to strangers invite them to church... like usual ha

5)another less active family came to church too! I was a little speachless. I had told them if they came to church i would tell them my first name. Well, they came to church so in turn they know my first name ha.

6) speaking of speachless... iw as caught off guard on Saturday. I hit ten months on saturday and i honestly wasnt expecting thing. Beukers and my comp wrote cute notes and i was totally satisfied with that. however beukers began to sing "feliz cumplemes" and i was like thanks thanks... and then i turn around and she has a cake in her hands.. (i apoligize there is no pic... because we ate it ha) but yah they had planned the whole thing. when beukers and i went running that morning she pretended to be more tired so we walked a little so they could make the cake mix. then beukers comp played sick and beukers wanted to practice piano in the church before zone meeting so i went with her... and thats when they baked it. sneaky sneaky. 

7)we had a zones activity today and played sports. Bless Hermana Beukers heart she agreed to play basketball so i could. I didnt beat her up this last time... (and to my friends/family who have seen/played with me... you know how much of a miracle that is haha) i had fun. i love basketball... im now a little sore though. 

8)oh also my comp and i the last 3 days have been coordinating our outfits... not on purpose. Hermana beukers said Molina and I have been comps for too long haha.... 3 transfers baby. I imagine though thats what marriage is like. You begin to think alike and have similar ideas/desires. (like wanting icecream and what not). but really though I feel the mission is helping me prepare for marraiage (and the rest of my life). I am continuously learning and I wouldnt give up these expereinces for the world. Missionas are hard but my realationship with God has grown so much. My knowledge/understanding about Christ has grown too. I have much more gratitude and appreciation for Him and for our Heavenly Father. They really do love us. AS imperfect as we are... they love us. 


As holidays are getting closer I invite you all to think of Christmas... Christ más.. 

thinking in Christ more. I know its not quite december and the Christmas decorations arent up like they are here but the invitation is the same.


"Come unto Christ... Come unto Him" 


A another song comes to my mind I want to share. Its a sacrament hymn "God loved us so He sent His son"


1. God loved us, so he sent his son, Christ Jesus the atoning one.

to show us by the path he trod, the One and only way to God.

2. He came as man, though Son of God, and bowed himself beneath the rod.

 He died in holy innocence, a broken law to recompense.

3. Oh love efulgent, love devine! What debt of gratitude is mine. 

That in his off'ring I have part, and hold a place within His heart.


I testify God lives and loves each and every one of us. I know it. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.



con amor,

Hermana Hildman 

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