Monday, December 8, 2014

Funny Experience to share Nov 24th

so learning a language... its an adventure. this last week or so i have mixed up my words and my sentances have had completly differernt meanings. I hope you guys can get a kick out of my mistakes:


1) our house got fumigated (or in spanish fumigar) so we couldnt be in the house so we were in the church studying/planning. We were on our way after an hour so after they fumigated and we ran into the bishops son and another member. they asked why we were in the church and were the other hermanas were. i said they were smoking in our house. and the bishops sons eyes just got really big.. and i knew right then i said it wrong. i said fumando (smoking) and i was like no no no i mean fumigando fumigando... (fumigating)


2)my comp and i were on our way home for lunch. i asked her if we would stop by the colmado because we had talked about buying an eggplant. so i asked her if we wanted to buy a "ballena" but i meant to say "berenjena" meaning eggplant.. i instead said whale... oh man. she just laughed at me ha.


3) the other day hermana beukers had gotten out of the shower and i asked her if she had shaved her "√°guilas" but i meant to say "axilas" which means armpits... but i instead said eagles.... lets just say it gives bald eagles a whole new meaning haha.




Anyway, i hope you enjoyed those. 

Update on my week:

Abigail is pro-pro-progressing. shes really excited for her baptism. we had to push it another week because she missed a sunday but shes reading, going to church and NOT drinking coffee. we made a calendar for here top put a sticker on each day she doesnt drink coffee. we also put sciprtures on certain days. yesterday iasked her how teh calendar was going and she said good, that the scriptures each day are just what she needs... ah so cool. i love that girl so much.


oh, i also got a little creative and made a gratitude jar in preps for thanksgiving and weve been writing in it this last week. this coming weekl were having a thanksgiving dinner (well lunch) as a district. itllbe interesting haha... ill let you all know how it ends up.


Lilian the mute lady we were teaching got baptized this saturday. She has her whole life in the church but hadnt been baptized so we went over the lessons the best we could with pictures and what not... its amazing of how fast you canteach when they know everything and cant talk... but shes sweet and she was super happy. her dad baptized her. :)


anyway, i love ya'll . have a happy thanksgiving this week!


and remember this week you do matter and God does love you. 


d&c 64:33-34

d&c 138:58... God uses the weak. 


I love you!




Hermana HIldman

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